Max & Neo Beef Liver Dog Treats – All-Natural, Protein-Packed Treats That Give Back


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Give your dog a nutritious, human-grade treat while supporting dog rescue efforts with Max & Neo Beef Liver Dog Treats. Expertly freeze-dried to lock in nutrients, these single-ingredient liver treats deliver a protein punch dogs love.

With every bag purchased, Max & Neo donates a treat bag to a dog in need through rescues across the USA. Your purchase provides premium snacks for your pup while helping other pups as well!

Sourced from pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle in the USA, these tasty liver treats are free of grains, additives and artificial ingredients. Their minimal processing preserves natural flavors dogs crave. Boost your dog’s nutrition and do some good with Max & Neo Beef Liver Treats!

Protein-Packed with Essential Nutrients

Dogs instinctively crave the highly-digestible animal protein and nutrients found in beef liver. These freeze-dried liver treats deliver a nutritious protein punch to support muscle growth and satisfy snack time cravings.

Beef liver provides iron for oxygen transport, copper for immune function, and B vitamins for energy metabolism. It’s naturally rich in vitamin A for healthy vision and coat too. Give your dog a wholesome treat packed with nutrients they need.

Made from humanely raised, grass-fed cattle, these single-ingredient treats avoid questionable ingredients. Feel good knowing precisely what your dog is nibbling!

Minimally Processed to Preserve Natural Flavors

Max & Neo Beef Liver Treats contain just one ingredient – 100% beef liver. Gently freeze-dried to retain natural flavors and textures, the treats concentrate the irresistible savory taste of liver that dogs love.

Minimal processing helps these single-ingredient treats maintain their nutritional integrity as well. More nutrients are preserved compared to treats cooked at high temperatures.

Your dog will delight in the rich, meaty flavor of these premium liver treats. Their taste and crunch satisfy snack time cravings for a nutritious bite.

Give Back to Dogs in Need With Every Purchase

When you choose Max & Neo liver treats, you’re not just delighting your dog with a tasty, protein-packed snack. You’re helping provide nutritious treats to rescued dogs too.

For every bag purchased, Max & Neo donates one bag of treats to a dog rescue organization. Monthly donations support rescues across the USA to help the dogs most in need.

Your simple treat purchase goes twice as far to give back and make a difference for dogs. Feel good knowing your loyalty helps care for dogs waiting for their forever homes.

Pet Parents Love These Premium Single-Ingredient Treats

Pet owners rave about the premium quality and wholesome nutrition in Max & Neo Beef Liver Dog Treats. Dogs enthusiastically devour these single-ingredient protein powerhouses. Customers also love that each purchase helps shelter dogs.

“My dog LOVES these liver treats! I feel good giving him such a nutritious snack.” – Amanda R.

“Happy to support dog rescues just by buying these tasty treats for my pup!” – Michael L.

“These are the perfect high-value training treats for dogs. My dog goes nuts for them!” – Jessica S.

Delight your dog’s taste buds while nourishing their body and helping dogs in need with Max & Neo Beef Liver Treats.

Get the Nutritious Treats That Give Back!

Do a good deed for dogs while making your pup happy! Order Max & Neo Beef Liver Dog Treats on Amazon now.


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