Mattie’s Treats – Delicious Low Protein, Phosphorus & Sodium Dog Treats for Kidney Health


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Give your dog a deliciously healthy treat with Mattie’s low protein, low phosphorus, low sodium crunchy dog treats. Carefully crafted for dogs with chronic kidney disease, these pumpkin-flavored treats provide a safe, nutritious snacking option.

Made with real pumpkin and a dash of cinnamon, Mattie’s Treats deliver a taste dogs love in every crunchy bite. Their carefully controlled protein, phosphorus and sodium levels make them ideal for dogs on kidney-friendly diets.

A portion of all sales is donated to support canine kidney disease research. Spoil your pup while supporting a good cause! Mattie’s Treats lets you give your dog a satisfying treat you both can feel good about.

Carefully Formulated for Kidney Health

Mattie’s Treats are thoughtfully crafted with your dog’s kidney health in mind. Their recipe limits protein, phosphorus and sodium – three nutrients that need restriction for dogs with chronic kidney disease.

With just 7% protein from egg whites, these treats prevent excess metabolic waste buildup. Phosphorus and sodium are also tightly controlled to safe levels for kidney function.

Your veterinarian may recommend restricting these nutrients as part of a therapeutic kidney diet. Mattie’s Treats make it easy to give your dog a delicious snack that fits kidney diet guidelines.

Real Pumpkin & Cinnamon Taste Dogs Love

Dogs can’t resist the tempting aroma and flavor of Mattie’s Treats. Made with real pumpkin and a dash of cinnamon, these crunchy snacks provide a taste of autumn dogs adore.

The natural pumpkin provides vitamin A, potassium and fiber for health benefits. Its sweetness balances the carefully restricted ingredients. Dogs enthusiastically devour these tasty, kidney-friendly bites.

Reward your dog with Mattie’s mouthwatering pumpkin treats. Their scrumptious flavor gives your dog the satisfaction of a treat while supporting their unique dietary needs.

Crunchy Baked Texture Easy to Digest

Mattie’s Treats have a lightly baked, crunchy texture dogs delight in chewing. Their crispness helps scrub away plaque and tartar for better dental health.

The baked treats are easily digestible for sensitive kidney systems. Their simple recipe avoids irritants to keep tummies happy. Give your dog a nutritious nibble suitable for their digestion.

These pumpkin crunchy bites make a satisfyingly tasty yet gentle treat. Your dog can enjoy snacking without tummy upset thanks to the easily digestible texture.

Pet Parents Love These Special Diet Treats

Pet owners rave about how Mattie’s Treats perfectly meet the need for kidney-friendly snacks their dogs love. The tail-wagging taste keeps dogs happy while adhering to special dietary guidelines.

Read these reviews from satisfied pet parents:

“My dog gobbles up these pumpkin treats! They give her the joy of a treat while sticking to her kidney diet.” – Sarah M.

“I feel good about treating my dog often with these yummy low phosphorus snacks.” – Michael L.

“Finally a tasty treat that’s kidney-diet approved! I’m so glad I found Mattie’s crunchy treats.” – Amanda R.

Give your dog a little pumpkin spice joy with Mattie’s Treats – tasty low protein, low phosphorus, low sodium crunchy bites dogs love!

Get the Kidney-Friendly Treats Dogs Love!

Delight your dog and support canine kidney research today. Order Mattie’s Treats on Amazon now!


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