Manna Pro Garden Delight – Delicious Veggie Treats for Happy Backyard Chickens


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Treat your feathered flock to garden-fresh flavor with Manna Pro Garden Delight Chicken Treats. These premium treats feature real veggies and herbs chickens love in a nutritious blend for their health and happiness.

Made with real peas, beets, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and beneficial herbs, Garden Delight has a taste and texture chickens go crazy for. The treats encourage foraging behaviors and provide mental stimulation along with yummy flavor.

Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, Garden Delight supports your flock’s health needs for growth and egg production. Anthocyanins from the purple beets promote immunity health too. It’s a snack filled with goodness chickens will delight in.

Give your flock a taste of the garden every day with Manna Pro Garden Delight! These scrumptious veggie and herb treats will have your chickens running to you at treat time.

Real Veggies for Chicken Treats They Love

Manna Pro understands chickens deserve real food treats made from quality ingredients. That’s why Garden Delight Treats feature real peas, beets, sweet potatoes, and broccoli for authentic flavor and nutrition.

The peas and broccoli provide a tasty crunch chickens adore. Sweet potatoes and vibrant purple beets add antioxidants for immune support. Every colorful nibble delivers wholesome nourishment chickens crave.

Free from artificial flavors and fillers, the real vegetables in Garden Delight make for a treat you can feel good about. Your chickens will thank you for the delicious garden-inspired recipe at snack time!

Herbs and Nutrients for Flock Health

In addition to delicious veggies, Garden Delight Chicken Treats include pumpkin and sunflower seeds for essential fatty acids chickens need. Oregano and thyme add savory herb flavor and wellness benefits.

The treats also incorporate Manna Pro’s signature Flock Zest pellet featuring probiotics and prebiotics for digestion and gut health. All the herbs and nutrients work together to support your flock’s wellbeing.

Give your chickens the supplemental nutrition they need for energy, growth, egg production, and overall health. The fortified recipe will keep your flock thriving happily.

Stimulates Natural Foraging Behaviors

When allowed to free range, chickens spend much of their day naturally foraging and pecking. Garden Delight Treats encourage this healthy activity when free ranging isn’t possible.

The mix of textures, colors, and shapes keeps chickens engaged in foraging behaviors. This gives them exercise and mental stimulation for reduced stress and boredom. A happy chicken is a healthy chicken!

Chickens excitedly scratch through the tasty medley seeking their favorite morsels. Garden Delight makes foraging fun while satisfying chicken’s natural instincts.

Premium Treats Backyard Chicken Owners Recommend

Backyard chicken owners agree – Garden Delight is a flock-pleasing treat chickens go crazy for! Chickens come running whenever they hear the bag. Owners say the real veggies provide nutritious variety chickens love.

See what poultry owners are saying about Garden Delight:

“This treat mix is a big hit with my flock! They absolutely love pecking through it.” – Sarah H.

“You can tell there are real veggie pieces. My chickens get so excited when I shake the bag!” – Michael P.

“Great for encouraging natural foraging behaviors. My chickens LOVE this treat!” – Jessica S.

For a treat that delivers real vegetable nutrition and taste, choose Manna Pro Garden Delight. Your flock will thank you for the delicious, wholesome snacking experience!

Bring Your Flock Garden-Fresh Flavor Today

Give your chickens a taste of veggie garden goodness they’ll love. Get Manna Pro Garden Delight Chicken Treats on Amazon now!


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