Make Your Pup Shine Bright with the Super Bright LED Dog Collar from Paws & Light!


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Is it dangerous when your dog is out for a walk at night? Do you worry that they might wander off into the road or get lost in the dark? Keep your furry friend safe and seen with the Paws & Light LED dog collar!

With 18 super bright LED beads, this light up dog collar for nighttime walks provides unmatched visibility and safety. The LEDs are engineered to be double the brightness of other LED dog collars on the market, ensuring your pup is always visible even on the darkest streets. No more worrying about cars or people not seeing your dog at night!

15 Lighting Modes for Unique Doggy Style

Not only is our LED dog collar uber bright, it also has 15 fun lighting modes! Easily switch between different color changing settings to match your dog’s personality and style. Choose from exciting modes like slow color change, fast color change, steady red, steady blue, steady green, and more. With so many options, your dog can stand out with their own signature light show on every walk!

The LEDs are vibrant and eye catching, transforming your ordinary dog into a flashy canine that everyone will notice. Kids will be amazed and want to be pals with the coolest dog on the block. Plus, the colorful lights just make night time walks more fun!

Rechargeable Battery for Endless Night Walks

The Paws & Light LED dog collar includes a rechargeable battery powered by any USB cable. One hour of charging provides 3-6 hours of eye-catching illumination, enough for even the longest nightly walks. No more wasting money on disposable batteries or being limited by short battery life.

The collar light also indicates when battery is low so you’ll never be stranded in the dark. Just plug in for a quick recharge and you’re ready for many more nights of adventure. It’s a reliable and reusable solution for keeping your dog safe and seen.

Fits Dogs of All Shapes and Sizes

Our adjustable LED dog collar fits necks measuring 8 inches all the way up to 27 inches. Simply use the included scissors to snip any excess strap to customize the perfect fit for your pup. It’s quick and easy!

The collar is made of durable nylon that’s tough enough for everyday use. Suitable for small, medium and large breed dogs alike. We want owners of all dogs to have the ability to keep their pets visible and avoid accidents.

Works great for active pups who love running and exploring. The collar stays put and the LEDs remain upright for optimal visibility. Let your dog shine no matter their size or energy level!

Simple One Button Operation

Using the Paws & Light safety LED collar couldn’t be easier! Just press the button on the collar once to turn it on and start scrolling through the 15 different lighting modes. When you find a mode you like, let it play. To turn off, hold the button down for 3 seconds.

The on/off button is designed to withstand doggy play and activity. No complicated controls or confusing buttons – just press and go for instant nighttime visibility.

It’s ready to snap on and use right out of the box. No setup or learning required. Just charge up and see your dog transform into a glowing beast!

Join the Safety Light Movement

Here at Paws & Light, we believe all dogs deserve to be safe and seen at night. That’s why we created a line of ultra-bright LED dog collars using the latest technology. But we aren’t just a company, we’re a movement!

With every collar sold, Paws & Light donates a percentage of profits to animal shelters and rescue organizations across the country. Together, we can increase night safety AND help save dogs lives.

Illuminate your dog, illuminate your passion for animal welfare. Let’s make our neighborhoods safer for pets and people while supporting amazing charitable causes.

Take your walks to the next level with Paws & Lights LED dog collars:

  • 18x brighter LEDs than competitor brands
  • 15 fun light modes for unique personalities
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 3-6 hours per 1 hour charge
  • Fits neck sizes from 8 to 27 inches – cut to customize
  • Durable nylon strap stays put on active dogs
  • Simple one button operation
  • Donates to animal charities and shelters

Choose Safety, Fun & Charity with the Paws & Light LED Dog Collar

Don’t risk another walk where cars and people can’t see your precious pup. And don’t settle for dim, boring collars that barely glow. Choose the collar that’s miles ahead on brightness and features!

The Paws & Light LED dog collar ensures your dog is the star of the nighttime show. Invest in their safety with unmatched illumination and help spread the word about animal welfare.

For canine visibility that turns heads and touches hearts, look no further than Paws & Light. Order now and embrace the bright doggy lifestyle!


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