Make Dog Walks Easy with the Jim Hodges Dog Training Gummy Dog Leash


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Tired of your dog pulling on walks? Struggling with leash training? The Jim Hodges Dog Training Gummy Dog Leash is the perfect training tool and everyday walking leash to teach your dog to walk politely on a leash without pulling.

Made of durable Biothane material, this leash is soft, comfortable, and weatherproof – perfect for training and walking in any conditions. The leash comes in multiple sizes, from 1/2 inch width for small dogs up to 3/4 inch width for large breeds. Select the perfect size for your dog.

At 6 feet long, the leash gives you good control while still allowing your dog some freedom to explore. The brass hardware is high quality with an O-ring handle that gives you a secure grip. The leash is available in a variety of fun colors to suit your style.

Train Your Dog to Walk Nicely

Having a dog that pulls on leash is frustrating and can even be dangerous. This leash is a great training tool to teach your dog not to pull and walk politely next to you. The comfortable material won’t slip through your fingers but is soft on your hands unlike chain or nylon leashes.

Start your training by rewarding your dog for staying by your side. If they start to pull ahead, give a quick tug and command like “easy” to get their attention back on you. Reward with treats when they return to your side. Be patient and consistent, and your dog will learn that staying near you brings rewards.

The leash gives you control to reinforce this training until your dog reliably walks without pulling. The training will pay off on more enjoyable, stress-free walks!

Perfect for Daily Walks

Once your dog is leash trained, this leash transitions seamlessly to be your go-to daily walking leash. The Biothane material makes it super durable to withstand regular use. It’s also weatherproof so you can use it rain or shine.

The leash stays clean by simply washing with soap and water as needed. Forget about dirty, stained nylon or leather leashes. The vibrant colors will look like new for years to come.

The comfort of the leash ensures happy walks for both you and your dog. Your dog gets freedom to sniff and explore while you maintain control.

Designed for Versatility

This leash isn’t just for regular neighborhood strolls – it’s versatile for many activities with your dog. The durability makes it ideal for running or hiking with your high energy buddy. Bring it to the park or beach to let your dog play and swim while staying secure.

If you attend training classes, this is the perfect leash to bring. The material gives you a sure grip with no slipping during practicing commands or agility.

Professionals also love this leash for training service dogs, police K9s, and other working dogs. It has the control for training paired with long-lasting durability.

Leash You Can Trust

With its premium design and materials, this leash is trusted by dog trainers and pet parents alike. Jim Hodges is a renowned professional dog trainer who designs equipment to make training easier based on decades of experience.

The leash is handcrafted in the USA by expert Amish craftsmen. Only the highest quality Biothane and hardware are used to ensure safety and comfort.

We stand behind the quality with a 30-day money back guarantee. We want you and your dog to be fully satisfied with this leash.

Order Yours Today!

Stop battling with your dog on walks. Teach them to walk politely and enjoy daily strolls with the Jim Hodges Dog Training Gummy Dog Leash. This leash provides control for training paired with durable comfort for everyday use.

Choose from multiple sizes and fun colors to get the perfect leash for your pup. Order yours today to teach your dog to walk nicely and have more relaxing walks.


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