Make Dog Grooming a Breeze with the PeppyPetPaws Dog Nail Trimming and Grooming Harness


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Tired of the struggle and stress of grooming your pup? We feel you. Trying to trim your dog’s nails or clean their ears can quickly turn into a wrestling match if your pooch isn’t a fan of the process. But the days of dreading grooming time are over with the PeppyPetPaws Dog Grooming Hammock.

This innovative sling-style harness gently restrains even the most determined wiggler to make grooming safe and easy for both of you. No more chasing a squirming dog around the tub or yard. Just secure them into the comfortable grooming pouch, and they’ll stay calmly in place while you trim, bathe, and primp.

Groom Your Dog with Total Control and Comfort

The PeppyPetPaws Dog Grooming Harness features an extra-wide neck opening so you can easily slip it onto your pooch without any pinching or discomfort. The breathable 3D air mesh fabric keeps your pup cool and relaxed while the Elizabethan dog recovery collar prevents them from biting or scratching.

Once situated in the sling, your dog’s hind legs dangle through the leg holes so they can’t kick or run off. This gives you full access to neatly trim their nails, clean their paws, wash and brush their coat, wipe their eyes and ears, and perform other grooming tasks in record time.

Safety and Convenience Built-In

In addition to keeping your dog secure, the PeppyPetPaws Dog Nail Trimming Harness prioritizes your convenience too. It comes with sturdy metal carabiner hooks that let you securely attach the sling to any sturdy pole or beam in your home or yard.

A handy side pocket provides storage for the included grooming tools like clippers, comb, and nail file so you have everything you need within arm’s reach. There’s even a compact travel bag so you can easily take the harness along wherever your adventures lead.

When you’re done grooming, the durable harness is machine washable for quick and simple cleanups.

Premium Construction for Lasting Performance

This heavy-duty dog grooming harness is meticulously constructed from premium materials designed to last. The breathable 3D air mesh fabric allows for airflow to keep your dog cool and comfy.

Reinforced stitching gives the sling incredible strength and durability through countless uses. And the Elizabethan recovery collar features velcro and leather edging for adjustment and reinforced security.

The harness conveniently comes in two sizes to provide the perfect fit for small, medium, and large breed dogs up to 66 pounds. Just be sure to select the appropriate size based on your dog’s weight.

Veterinarian-Recommended for Stress-Free Grooming

The ingenious design of the PeppyPetPaws Dog Grooming Harness makes grooming less stressful for both you and your beloved pup. No more chasing a squirmy dog around the tub or yard. This hammock style sling gives you full control to trim, wash, and groom your dog safely and efficiently.

Veterinarians recommend a grooming harness like this one to reduce anxiety in dogs that dislike the grooming process. Restraining your pooch in a secure sling helps prevent them from wiggling away or lashing out from fear. This keeps both of you safe while allowing you to groom them properly.

Delight Even the Most Stubborn Pooch

Some pups seem to take grooming time as a personal challenge to avoid at all costs. But even the most stubborn dog will have a hard time wriggling and wrestling their way out of the PeppyPetPaws Dog Grooming Harness.

The breathable hammock design keeps your dog securely in place so you can finally trim those overgrown nails, clean those dirty ears, and brush out that matted fur. No more chasing and scratches – just a calm pooch ready for their grooming.

Both you and your four-legged friend will be happier for it!

High-Quality Construction for Years of Use

The last thing you want is a flimsy grooming harness that rips or breaks when your strong pup leans into it. That’s why the PeppyPetPaws Dog Grooming Hammock is constructed from industrial-strength fabrics designed to handle repeat use.

The 3D air mesh fabric is breathable to keep your dog cool but also durable enough to withstand pulling and nibbling. Reinforced stitching around the neck opening, leg holes, and seams prevent ripping and tearing over time.

The sturdy carabiner hooks securely attach the harness to any pole or beam without bending or snapping. And the Elizabethan recovery collar retains its shape wash after wash. This high-quality construction ensures the harness will hold up through countless grooming sessions.

Pamper Your Pooch in Style

Grooming your dog doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. With the convenient and secure PeppyPetPaws Dog Grooming Hammock, you can pamper your pup in style.

The comfortable design keeps your best furry friend relaxed and cooperative while you tidy them up. No more battles or anxiety – just a calm dog ready for their spa treatment.

Get those nails neatly trimmed, clean those dirty ears, and brush out that messy coat. Your dog will look and feel so much better, and you’ll both enjoy bonding during grooming time.

A Must-Have for Any Dog Owner

Whether you have a new puppy that needs training or an adult dog that hates grooming, the PeppyPetPaws Dog Grooming Harness is a must-have tool.

The secure hammock design gives you full control over an anxious or difficult dog so you can properly care for their hygiene and appearance. No more wrestling matches or chasing a dirty dog around the yard.

Dog owners say this grooming sling is a total game-changer that eliminates stress and frustration. Pups stay calm and still so you can neatly trim, wash, and brush.

Give yourself the gift of easy, peaceful grooming sessions. This harness helps you pamper your beloved pup with less struggle and more snuggles.

We Stand Behind Our Product with a 10-Year Warranty

At Peppy Pet Paws, we absolutely adore dogs and are committed to creating innovative products that make being a pet parent easier.

We know that products designed for animals need to be durable enough to withstand paws, teeth, and roughhousing. That’s why we construct the PeppyPetPaws Dog Grooming Harness from ultra-strong, pet-proof materials.

And to provide you total peace of mind, we back each harness with an industry-leading 10-year warranty. If anything goes wrong with the product, even years down the road, we’ll quickly replace it.

We want the PeppyPetPaws Dog Grooming Hammock to be the last nail trimming and grooming harness you ever need to buy. Our exceptional construction and warranty prove we stand behind this product 100%.

Order Your PeppyPetPaws Dog Grooming Harness Today!

Stop dreading grooming day and order the PeppyPetPaws Dog Nail Trimming and Grooming Harness now! This ingenious product makes grooming safe, easy, and stress-free for you both.

You’ll be amazed at how cooperative and calm your dog is when tucked securely into this comfortable grooming pouch. Those nails will be trimmed, ears cleaned, and coat brushed in no time with no hassle.

Your furry best friend will look so pampered and pretty, and you’ll both enjoy the bonding time and reduced anxiety. Don’t wait – order now and make dog grooming something to look forward to!


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