LuvChew Gluten Free Chicken Dog Treats for Your Pup’s Happy Teeth


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Give your small dog something to smile about with LuvChew Gluten Free Rawhide Free Dog Chew Chicken Rolls. These premium mini chicken dog treats are thoughtfully crafted to support your pup’s dental health and keep their tail wagging.

Made with less than 11 wholesome, natural ingredients, LuvChew chicken rolls contain no rawhide, wheat, corn, soy, or artificial additives – only the good stuff. Real free-range chicken provides a tasty protein punch, while carrot, parsley, and potato deliver nutritional benefits in a scrumptious chewy texture your dog will love.

At around 2.5 inches long, these bite-sized chicken dog chews are perfectly portioned for little mouths. Their mini rolled design makes them easy to gnaw, break off, and savor. As your small dog nibbles away, the chew bones help rub away plaque and tartar buildup on teeth. Their unique layered construction also promotes longer-lasting chewing to occupy pups and discourage destructive behaviors.

Thoughtfully Crafted for Your Pup’s Wellbeing

LuvChew understands how important your dog’s health and happiness are. That’s why each chicken dog treat is carefully crafted to provide a safe, wholesome chewing experience.

Made with 100% real chicken raised cage-free on family farms, LuvChew chicken rolls deliver a protein-packed snack you can feel good about. Carrot, parsley, and potato add vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber with zero grains, gluten, or soy.

With no rawhide, the chews are highly digestible to prevent choking hazards. The rolls can be easily broken into smaller pieces to customize chewing for your dog’s size and safety. Plus, they contain no wheat, corn, antibiotics, growth hormones, or other questionable extras.

Your pup can chow down on these wholesome chicken rolls knowing they support their wellbeing in every bite. The limited simple ingredients avoid allergy triggers to keep pups happy and active.

Cleans Teeth & Occupies Pups

The unique rolled shape and chewy chicken texture make these treats a two-in-one dog chew. As your pup works away at the layers, the abrasive surfaces help rub off tartar and plaque buildup on teeth. The natural chewing motion strengthens gums over time for improved dental health.

Meanwhile, the tasty rolled chews will keep your active pup pleasantly occupied for hours. The longer-lasting chicken rolls help prevent boredom and destructive chewing behaviors. Give your furniture and shoes a rest and let your dog gnaw their chicken roll to their heart’s content!

With regular chewing, you may even notice fresher doggy breath thanks to the plaque-fighting properties. It’s a tasty bonus you’ll both appreciate!

Customer Favorite Premium Dog Treats

Pet parents rave that even their pickiest pups go crazy for these free-range chicken rolls. The tempting taste and texture keeps dogs coming back for more. In fact, LuvChew Chicken Rolls were preferred by 24 out of 25 dogs compared to leading rawhide-free brands.

Customers are thrilled with the high-quality ingredients and dental perks too. The difference in their dog’s breath, teeth, and chewing habits are clear indicators of LuvChew’s superior craftsmanship.

Here’s what other pet parents are saying:

“My dog absolutely loves these chews! I have a picky 5 lb Chihuahua who turned her nose up at every other chew treat I have bought her until now. She will chew on these for hours.” – Samantha

“I am so happy I found these chews! My doggo has bad allergies and these are perfect for her. She literally cries when I bring the bag out because she loves them so much.” – Danielle

“These chews last longer than any others I’ve found. Plus they keep my pup’s teeth clean!” – Michael

LuvChew Chicken Rolls make an irresistible treat to show your small dog extra love. Their thoughtfully crafted recipe and veterinarian-approved ingredients support your pup’s health and happiness in a deliciously chewy treat.

Give the Gift of Happy Teeth!

Bring a big smile to your small dog’s face today. Add LuvChew Gluten Free Rawhide Free Dog Chew Chicken Rolls Mini to your cart now!


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