LIFE ESSENTIALS Freeze Dried Chicken Little’s – Two 5oz Bags of 100% Natural Single-Ingredient Training Treats for Dogs & Cats


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Reward your furry friend with the wholesome taste of chicken with LIFE ESSENTIALS Chicken Little’s freeze-dried treats. Made from 100% all-natural chicken breast, these single-ingredient treats are packed with protein and irresistible flavor for dogs and cats.

Carefully freeze-dried to lock in nutrition without preservatives or additives, Chicken Little’s are the perfect healthy training treat or supplement to kibble. Made in the USA, you can trust the quality ingredients.

100% Natural Chicken – Nothing Else!

Chicken Little’s have just one ingredient – premium chicken breast. No grains, fillers, or artificial additives – just pure protein-packed chicken cubes. This makes them ideal for pets with food sensitivities.

Made from free-range, humanely raised chicken in the USA, you can feel good about what you’re feeding your furry companion. It’s nutrition you can see and trust!

Mouthwatering Real Chicken Flavor

Dogs and cats can’t resist real chicken! These tasty treats are carefully freeze-dried to intensify the savory chicken flavor your pet craves.

The irresistible aroma and concentrated chicken taste keep your furry friend motivated during training. They’ll do anything for these meaty rewards!

Crunchy Bites for Small or Large Breeds

These bite-sized cubes are the perfect size for any dog or cat. The crunchy chicken texture promotes dental health and satisfies chewing needs.

Small breeds will enjoy the poppable cubes while large breeds can devour handfuls at a time. Their resealable bag keeps treats fresh for convenience.

Easily Digestible & Low-Calorie

Chicken Little’s are highly digestible, even for pets with sensitive stomachs. Made from premium lean chicken breast, they are low in fat and calories as well.

This makes them ideal for training, when you need a nutritious treat that won’t ruin your pet’s diet. They’re even great crumbled on top of kibble!

Pet Parents Love These USA-Made Treats

LIFE ESSENTIALS Chicken Little’s are beloved by pet owners looking for a healthy training treat made with real U.S. ingredients. Pets go crazy for the yummy chicken flavor. Here’s what customers are saying:

“My cat and dog fight over these treats! The chicken smell drives them nuts.”

“Perfect size for training my puppy and adult dog. They both love it.”

“My picky dog will do anything for these chicken treats. His new favorite!”

“Made in the USA with one real ingredient – that’s what I’m looking for.”

Make your next training session a success with LIFE ESSENTIALS Chicken Little’s! Your pet deserves a reward they’ll go wild for.


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