LESYPET Fleece Sweater for Small Dogs


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Treat your tiny pup to cozy warmth and playful style with this fleece sweater from LESYPET. The soft polyester fabric provides insulation against chilly weather while the fun color options add personality.

Designed for small breed dogs like Chihuahuas and Yorkies, this pullover sweater makes the perfect cold weather outfit. Now your petite pooch can stay toasty without compromising on comfort or cuteness.

Plush Fleece Fabric

This dog sweater is crafted from super soft polyester fleece that feels gently plushy against your pup’s skin. The fleecy lining traps body heat close to keep them insulated from the cold.

The breathable material also allows good airflow so your dog doesn’t get overheated while playing and running around. Lightweight warmth without the sweat!

The fleece sweater resists shedding and pilling even after repeat wears and washes. It retains its cozy texture while standing up to puppy energy.

Fun Color Choices

This small dog sweater comes in a variety of fun colors like red, blue, grey, and rose pink. Choose the shade that best matches your dog’s personality and style.

The bright colors also make it easy to spot your tiny pup when playing in grass or snow. No more losing track of little dogs!

Coordinating with your own outfit is a breeze too – just dress your dog up in a matching or contrasting color. Adorable duo looks for any occasion.

Pullover Style

This sweater features an open bottom with a turtleneck pullover design that slips on easily over your dog’s head.

The collar stretches just enough to get the sweater on without tugging on ears or fur. No need to wrestle your wiggly pup into complicated closures.

The pullover style also reduces pressure points for comfortable all-day wear. Your pup can lounge or play freely without irritation from buttons or velcro.

Ideal For Tiny Pups

This LESYPET sweater is designed specifically for small breed dogs that weigh 25 pounds or less. The mini dimensions give petite pups the right amount of coverage.

The smaller size with shorter torso length helps prevent the sweater from sagging or dragging on tiny dogs. A superior fit for their smaller frames.

Now even little pups can stay properly bundled. No more tripping over extra sweater fabric!

Sizing Tips

Use the size chart to measure your dog’s neck, chest, and body length. For the chest, add 2 inches to your dog’s measurement to allow room for easy pullover dressing.

The sweater is designed to lightly hug the body so ensure a snug fit without constricting movement. Proper sizing equals optimal comfort!

Cute Cold Weather Comfort

Now your tiny pup can join outdoor fun without getting chilled. Take your petite pooch on strolls, to the park, or just cuddle on the couch while keeping them cozy.

Dogs should never have to shiver through winter. This LESYPET fleece sweater brings playful style and warmth to every small dog.

Pamper your precious little pup with the gift of cozy comfort in a sweater made just for their size. Your tiny buddy will thank you!

Product Details:

  • Soft polyester fleece fabric
  • Pullover turtleneck style
  • Multiple color options
  • Designed for dogs under 25 lbs
  • Lightweight warmth

Snuggle your short stack this winter in LESYPET’s pullover fleece sweater for small dogs!


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