Lesypet Dog Sunglasses – UV Protection for Small Breeds


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Keep your petite pup’s eyes healthy and happy during sunny adventures with Lesypet’s dog sunglasses. The tinted lenses filter harsh UV rays while the soft foam padding provides a comfy customized fit.

Your small explorers like Frenchies and Yorkies can play fetch at the park or ride along on road trips without squinting or irritation. Protect your dog’s vision in style with these cool doggie shades!

Blocks Harmful UV Rays

The polycarbonate lenses offer 100% UV400 protection to shield your dog’s sensitive eyes from the sun’s intense glare.

Prolonged UV exposure can damage doggy eyes over time leading to conditions like cataracts or macular degeneration. Don’t let your pup suffer!

These sunglasses allow your dog to play and explore under the sunshine while keeping their vision safe. No more red, itchy, or watery eyes after a sunny day outside.

Tinted Lenses Reduce Glare

In addition to UV blocking, the tinted lens filters bright sunlight to reduce glare that causes squinting and discomfort.

Your dog can relax in the shade without having to turn away from the light. The glasses dim harsh light while maintaining visibility – the perfect sunglasses effect!

Now your pup can comfortably accompany you on hikes, to the beach, boating and anywhere else your adventures may take you.

Soft Foam Padding for Comfort

These doggie shades wrap the head with an adjustable elastic strap lined with soft foam padding for a gentle, customized fit.

The foam prevents the strap from digging into your dog’s skin while keeping the glasses comfortably in place as they play and run around.

The malleable padding also allows the sunglasses to conform nicely to different doggy head shapes. Snug but not squeezy around your pup’s mug.

Curved Lenses for Optimal Fit

The curved lens shape provides superior comfort and utility compared to flat lenses.

The ergonomic curvature sits flush against most dogs’ muzzles for full coverage without blocking peripheral vision or jutting out.

The sleek wraparound design also fits snugly to create a seal against UV rays and debris entering the eyes. Sleek style and practicality!

Outdoor Adventures with Your Dog

Your pup wants to join in the fun of hiking, road trips, boating, and beach days too! But their eyes need protection from sun damage.

Keep your dog happy and seeing clearly on your next adventure with these UV blocking sunglasses designed just for pet pups.

Whether it’s joining a day hike or just playing fetch in the park, your dog’s eyes will stay irritation-free thanks to these handy shades.

For Small Breed Dogs

These sunglasses are sized for petite breeds under 20 pounds like French Bulldogs and Yorkies.

The shorter lens shape and adjustable strap creates an optimal fit on their smaller heads compared to bulky one-size goggles made for bigger dogs.

Tiny pups stay shaded without obstructing their field of vision. Now even little dogs can ride shotgun in style.

Easy to Put On Your Pup

While it may take a few tries for your dog to get used to wearing the sunglasses, positive reinforcement helps!

Give them treats and praise when they let you put on the shades to reinforce it as a good experience. In no time your dog will love sporting their new look.

Who knew protecting your best friend’s vision could also be such a cute accessory? Just snap some pics to get them excited for their new doggie shades.

Product Details:

  • 100% UV400 protection
  • Tinted lenses reduce glare
  • Curved lenses for optimal fit
  • Foam padded adjustable strap
  • Ideal for dogs under 20 lbs

Let your small pup soak up the sun safely with Lesypet dog sunglasses! Their eyes stay protected while the adventures continue.


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