Lesypet Dog Goggles – UV & Wind Protection for Small Breeds


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Keep your small pup’s eyes safe and healthy during outdoor adventures with Lesypet’s dog goggles. The curved lens design blocks UV rays, wind, dust, and debris while the adjustable strap ensures a comfortable customized fit.

Your tiny explorers like Yorkies and Chihuahuas will love playing fetch and hiking trails without squinting or eye irritation. Protect your dog’s vision without sacrificing their fun in the sun!

Blocks Harmful UV Rays

The tinted polycarbonate lenses offer 100% UV400 protection to shield your dog’s eyes from the sun’s damaging rays.
Just like human skin, prolonged UV exposure can harm doggy eyes and cause conditions like cataracts or macular degeneration over time. Don’t let your pup suffer sun damage!

These goggles allow your dog to play and explore under the sun while keeping their vision safe. No more red, itchy, or watering eyes after a day outdoors.

Protection from Debris & Dust

In addition to UV rays, these doggy goggles also protect against wind, dust, dirt, and debris that can irritate your pup’s eyes.

The curved lenses and tight seal blocks particles from getting into eyes when hiking on trails, running through grass, or exploring dusty areas. No more stops to rub their eyes!

Your dog can roam, dig, and play with clear vision and zero irritation. Adventure without worry using these helpful goggles.

Anti-Fog & Scratch Resistant

The lenses utilize an anti-fog coating so your dog’s view stays crystal clear instead of foggy. No need to constantly clean the goggles!

The polycarbonate material also provides scratch resistance to maintain lens clarity even when your mischievous pup bumps into things. Durable protection that lasts.

Customizable Fit

An adjustable elastic strap ensures these goggles stay securely on your active dog while remaining comfy.

Simply cinch the strap tighter for a snug grip around their head so the goggles won’t slip or slide as they play and run around.

But keep the fit loose enough to avoid creating pressure. Find that sweet spot of a customized grip just for your dog. Fits better than any one-size!

Designed for Small Dogs

These goggles are sized specifically for petite breeds with shorter muzzle widths. The scaled-down dimensions fit like a glove on dogs under 15 pounds.

The smaller lenses work better on wee pups compared to bulky one-size goggles designed for larger dogs. Properly framed vision without obstruction.

Your tiny adventure buddies like Frenchies and Yorkies stay protected without heavy gear weighing them down. Lightweight but mighty shielding!

Outdoor Fun for Dogs

Don’t leave your pup out of the action on your next adventure! Whether it’s a hike, road trip, day at the beach, or roll in grass, dogs need eye protection too.

Keep your small dog’s vision clear and irritation-free during playtime and outdoor exploring of all kinds with Lesypet goggles. Safety for everyday fun!

Give your precious pup the gift of UV protection with doggie goggles designed just for their petite size. Their eyes will thank you!

Product Details:

  • 100% UV400 protection
  • Blocks wind, dirt, dust, and debris
  • Anti-fog and scratch resistant lenses
  • Adjustable elastic strap for customized fit
  • Ideal for small dog breeds under 15 lbs

Let your small dog see the world safely with Lesypet dog goggles! Protect their vision while adventures continue.


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