Lelepet Dog Winter Coat – Windproof Cold Weather Jacket


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Treat your pup to cozy warmth and wind protection this winter with Lelepet’s reflective dog vest. This quilted coat combines a wind-blocking shell with a soft fleece lining for all-day comfort.

The turtleneck collar and bright color options provide style, while the harness opening and leash D-ring add convenience for active pups. Your dog will love frolicking in this cold weather jacket!

Wind Resistant Outer Shell

The durable cross-grain polyester fabric on this dog coat creates an effective barrier against blustery winds. The tight weave prevents chilling air from penetrating and stealing your pup’s body heat.

Light rain and snow also bounce right off the water-resistant material, keeping your dog nice and dry underneath. No more soggy, shivering pups after winter weather walks!

Thanks to the windproof protection, your four-legged friend can still enjoy the outdoors even on cold days. Don’t let a little chill halt the fun.

Cozy Fleece Lining

Inside this dog vest, plush fleece lining surrounds your pup in soft, insulating warmth. The fleece traps their natural body heat close to the skin to maintain a comfortable temperature.

The gentle lining also wicks away moisture to keep your dog dry and prevent smells. Your pup will stay toasty without getting overheated during active play.

Quilted Design Accents

Fun diamond quilted stitching gives this coat eye-catching texture and depth. The 3D box pattern prevents the fill from shifting or bunching.

The quilting also adds a stylish flair that prevents this practical dog vest from looking boring. Your pup can be cozy and fashionable this winter!

Plush Turtleneck Collar

The fold-over turtleneck collar provides superior protection for your dog’s vulnerable neck. The thick faux fur surrounds their neck in a double insulating layer.

An elasticized opening allows you to adjust the snugness of the turtleneck collar. Cinch it up tight for ultimate wind protection or loosen for more flexibility.

No more shivering – this cozy collar keeps your pup’s neck pleasantly warm and draft-free!

Elasticized Waist

For a customized fit, this dog jacket features an elasticized waistband that gently hugs your dog’s middle without constricting.

The stretchy waist moves with your active pup while also keeping the coat in place as they play. Your dog will love the freedom to romp and run while staying cozy.

Leash D-Ring & Harness Opening

For convenience during walks, this vest includes both a leash D-ring and a slit opening to attach your dog’s harness.

The handy features make it easy to quickly hook your leash without fumbling with the coat. No more hassle transitioning from walks to play sessions!

Sizing for All Breeds

With 7 sizes from extra-small to triple extra-large, you can find the perfect winter coat for any breed of dog. Refer to the size chart and measure your pup to determine their ideal fit.

You can also choose from 4 fun, bright colors like neon mint and pink to match your dog’s personality. The vibrant dyes last through washes.

Frolicking in Comfort

Now your four-legged friend can romp and play outside with total comfort even on blustery winter days.

Take your companion hiking in the mountains, let your retriever swim and fetch even when it’s icy, or kick through the snow on a brisk run.

This Lelepet coat brings back the joy of exercise and adventure for dogs regardless of dropping temperatures. Don’t let winter end the fun!

Product Details:

  • Windproof quilted outer shell
  • Plush fleece lining for warmth
  • Thick turtleneck collar
  • Elasticized waist for perfect fit
  • D-ring and harness slit for leash attachment
  • Reflective detailing for safety
  • Machine washable
  • 7 sizes, 4 colors

Give your loyal companion the gift of cozy wind protection with this winter dog coat from Lelepet. Your active pup will stay toasty warm and ready to play!


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