Lelepet Dog Winter Coat – Reflective Fleece Lined & Waterproof


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Keep your pup warm and dry through cold weather adventures with Lelepet’s reflective dog coat. This versatile winter jacket combines cozy fleece lining with a waterproof, windproof shell to protect your dog from the elements.

The reflective detailing and leash hole ensure safe walks after dark. While the adjustable straps allow a customized fit for optimal comfort. Your dog will love frolicking in this protective cold weather coat.

Wind & Water Resistant Polyester Shell

The outer layer of this dog jacket is crafted from durable polyester that shields against wind and moisture. Raindrops and melting snow slide right off the waterproof fabric.

While the thick material blocks out chilling gusts of air that can penetrate down to the skin. Your dog stays comfortably insulated from wetness and drafts.

The polyester also makes this winter dog vest easy to care for. Simply machine wash and hang to dry when cleaning is needed after muddy or snowy romps.

Plush Fleece Lining for Warmth

Inside this cozy dog coat is a soft fleece lining for incredible warmth without weight. The fleece creates a buffer to lock in body heat as your dog plays outside.

This jacket has especially thick fleece around the neck as an extra insulating layer against the cold. The cuddly fleece feels gentle on sensitive doggy skin while providing toasty warmth.

The fleece lining also wicks away any moisture to keep your dog nice and dry inside. No more soggy, chilled dogs after winter weather walks and playtime.

Reflective Detailing for Safety

This practical dog coat prioritizes safety with reflective strips throughout the vest. The reflective detailing ensures drivers can see your pup clearly on nighttime or evening walks.

The reflective accents also let you easily spot your dog’s location if they are off leash in low light areas. No more chasing after disappearing dogs in the dark!

Walks are safer for both of you thanks to the thoughtful reflective additions on this warm winter coat.

Adjustable Straps for Customized Fit

Finding a secure but comfortable fit is easy with this jacket’s adjustable straps. The Velcro closures on the stomach and back let you customize the snugness.

The straps tighten the coat against your dog’s body so it won’t slide or shift during active play. But the flexibility ensures your pup still has full freedom of movement.

The adjustable fit also accommodates growing puppies or dogs with fluctuating weights. This jacket will stay perfectly sized throughout the seasons.

Leash Access Opening

For extra convenience on walks, this dog coat includes an opening on the back to easily attach leashes without removing the vest.

The leash access point allows you to harness your dog normally while keeping the coat securely covering their body. No need to disrupt their cozy warmth!

Sizes for All Breeds

This winter jacket comes in 6 sizes from small through XXX-large to fit any breed from tiny terriers to giant Great Danes.

Check the size chart to find the ideal vest measurements for your pup. For best results, take your dog’s chest and back length into account when selecting their jacket size.

Having the right size means full coverage without restricting movement. Your dog will love frolicking in their personal protective coat.

Fearless Winter Fun

Now your four-legged friend can play without inhibition even on cold, wet, or windy days. This coat allows dogs to comfortably enjoy all their favorite activities.

Take your hiking buddy on challenging trails, let your retriever swim and fetch at the lake without shivering, or kick through the snow with your running partner.

This coat brings back the joy of rolling, running, and exploring for dogs regardless of the weather. Don’t let winter end outdoor adventures!

Product Details:

  • Windproof and waterproof polyester shell
  • Plush fleece lining for warmth
  • Reflective strips for visibility
  • Velcro straps allow adjustable fit
  • Leash opening on back
  • Machine washable
  • 6 sizes from S to XXXL

Let your dog romp, play, and explore with total cold weather protection. This Lelepet coat combines cozy fleece warmth with water-resistant durability. Your pup will love their new winter jacket!


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