Leashboss Pattern Bungee Dog Leash Extension – Make Walks More Comfortable for You and Your Dog


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Does your dog get overly excited on walks and pull on the leash, leaving your arm sore and hands red? Do abrupt stops give you leash burn? Train your dog not to pull and make strolls through the neighborhood more comfortable for both of you with the Leashboss Pattern Bungee Dog Leash Extension.

This brilliant 18 inch leash attachment absorbs the shock of pulls and sudden stops to reduce strain on your wrist, arm, and shoulder. Simply clip it between your dog’s collar and standard leash to add a little spring to every step.

The durable bungee cord inside stretches to 24 inches then gently retracts to diffuse momentum and force when your dog darts after a squirrel or slams on the brakes to sniff something interesting. No more painful jerking or yanking that can injure you or your pup.

Knowing the leash extension will catch them, dogs tend to pull less. The Leashboss quickly and gently corrects them rather than letting them hit the end of the line at full force. This positive training tool lets you control and redirect your dog without frustration, discomfort, or harm.

Key Features

Shock Absorbing Bungee Cord – The stretchy bungee inside stretches up to 24 inches to gently absorb momentum and reduce strain when dogs pull or stop abruptly.

Wide Compatibility – Use this handy leash extender with any standard clip-on leash plus retractables, jogging tethers, multi-dog couplers, and more. Clips easily to any collar or harness.

Lightweight, Durable Nylon – Made with heavy-duty yet lightweight nylon webbing that won’t shrink or stretch out. The metal triglide and clips keep it securely in place.

Reflective Stripes – Three wide reflective stripes enhance visibility for added safety when walking your dog at night.

18 Inch Length – Provides plenty of spring and shock absorption without too much slack during normal walking.

Make Walks More Enjoyable for You and Your Pup

Going for a walk should be fun for both you and your four-legged friend. But dogs naturally want to run and explore, often pulling you along for the ride! Standard leashes allow them to build up speed and momentum, which transfers right to your arm when they hit the end of the line. This can quickly lead to injuries, pain, and frustration.

The Leashboss Dog Leash Extension solves these problems with an ingenious bungee design that absorbs force and momentum. Your dog still enjoys the freedom to walk, run, and explore, but the “give” in the leash extension prevents them from building up speed so there’s no painful jerking when they reach the end.

You’ll appreciate the smooth, comfortable strolls with no strain on your wrists, elbows, and shoulders. And your dog can sniff, wander, and patrol while staying safely connected.

The Leashboss also discourages your dog from pulling in the first place. The springy resistance keeps them closer to your side. But if they do lunge after something, the bungee action softly limits how far they can go to prevent harm.

Over time, your dog learns they can’t take off at full speed and have to stay near you. So the Leashboss actually helps train dogs not to pull as you guide them into proper leash manners. The positive tension redirect their energy, not punish them. So walks are more fun!

Customizable for Any Situation

The Leashboss Dog Leash Extender works with any standard clip-on leash plus retractables, long lines, multi-dog couplers, hands-free jogging tethers, and more.

Simply clip it between your dog’s collar and the leash you already own to give all your walks an extra bounce. The metal triglide lets you adjust length from 18 inches all the way up to the full 24 inch extension so you can customize the springiness.

Going to the dog park? Clip the Leashboss onto a longer lead so your pup can explore while staying safely connected. Its neon pattern makes it easy to spot your pooch in a pack.

Want a little more control on neighborhood walks? Use it with a standard 6 foot leash to keep your dog close with just enough give to absorb sudden tugs. The Leashboss smoothly redirects their energy back to you.

You can even connect two Leashbosses in series for heavier pullers. And this handy leash attachment works perfectly with back-clip harnesses and head halters designed to deter pulling. Give those training tools an extra boost with the Leashboss for your strongest puller.

With clever bungee action, total width adjustability, and universal leash compatibility, the Leashboss Dog Leash Extender handles every walking need.

Key Benefits

More Comfortable Dog Walking – The Leashboss absorbs sharp tugs, pulls, and sudden stops to prevent leash burn, shoulder strain, and injuries.

Safer Dog Walking – Gentle tension redirects your dog’s energy and discourages pulling for better leash manners over time.

Works With Any Leash– Just clip the Leashboss between your dog and standard leash, retractable, jogging tether, coupler, or long line for instant comfort.

Softens Abrupt Movements – The bungee cord diffuses momentum and force if your dog makes sudden movements or stops.

Lightweight, Durable Design – Made with heavy-duty nylon webbing yet weighs just 2.4 ounces. Won’t shrink, stretch, or deteriorate.

Better Visibility – Three reflective stripes enhance safety when walking your dog at night. Vibrant pattern improves daytime visibility.

Customizable Length – Adjust from 18 inches up to 24 inches extended to customize springiness.

Discourages Pulling – Absorbs force instead of transferring it down the leash to your arm. Over time, teaches leash manners.

Easy to Use – Just clip between your dog’s collar and standard leash. No special training or equipment needed.

Lifetime Replacement – Leashboss provides a lifetime replacement guarantee if anything happens to your bungee dog leash.

Why Choose Leashboss?

Leashboss is a small American company founded by dog lovers on a mission to make daily walks more enjoyable. They create innovative leashes and accessories designed for comfort, safety, and convenience.

The Leashboss Bungee Dog Leash Attachment is thoughtfully engineered to absorb shock and reduce pulling for pain-free strolls. It provides the ideal harmony of flexibility and control so you and your dog can focus on fun!

Leashboss stands behind their products with a lifetime replacement guarantee. If anything ever happens to your extension, they’ll quickly send a new one free of charge. No strings attached.

Thousands of customers trust Leashboss to bring peace back to walking their dogs. With proven shock absorption, durable construction, and hassle-free performance, the Leashboss Dog Leash Extender will quickly become your favorite walking accessory.

Your dog brings you endless joy and companionship. Show them you care by choosing the leash extension designed for their comfort and safety. Bring harmony back to daily walks with the Leashboss Bungee Dog Leash Attachment!


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