Leash Boss Dog Car Seat Belt for Safe and Secure Travels


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Is your furry friend ready to hit the open road in style and safety? With the Leash Boss Dog Car Seat Belt, you can take your pooch along on all your adventures while keeping them secure and comfortable in the backseat. This innovative product is designed to protect both you and your pet during travels near and far.

Chew-Proof Steel Cable with Protective Nylon Coating

The core of the Leash Boss restraint is a steel cable coated in heavy-duty nylon. This chew-proof material is made to withstand even the most determined chewer. The durable steel provides superior strength to keep your dog safe, while the nylon coating protects your seats and prevents annoying metal-on-metal noises. No more chewing through flimsy fabric restraints!

Attaches Securely to Latch Bar

Say goodbye to Flying Fido! The Leash Boss has a sturdy clip that attaches to any latch bar built into your back seat. This keeps your dog properly positioned and prevents them from launching forward in the event of sudden braking. No more dogs in your lap while driving! The latch bar attachment also means the restraint will not trip your dog like standard seat belt buckles.

Designed for Use with Dog Harness

For ultimate protection, the Leash Boss is designed to attach to your dog’s harness or vest rather than their collar. Using their harness helps properly distribute force across their body instead of straining their neck. This is much more comfortable for pups, especially on long drives. Make sure to get a secure, well-fitted harness before your road trip.

Available in 5 Sizes for Proper Fit

One size does not fit all when it comes to doggy safety belts. That’s why the Leash Boss comes in 16, 21, 26, 31, and 36-inch lengths. Measure your dog and choose the appropriate size restraint for their needs. The 16-inch option has lighter clips and is ideal for small breeds under 15 lbs. For medium, large, and extra large dogs, go with the longer size that allows them to lay down but keeps them from wandering around the backseat.

Travel Stress-Free with Your Dog

No more worrying about your dog crawling into the front seat, pacing anxiously, or falling off the seat every time you brake or turn. The Leash Boss restraint keeps your pet comfortable, secure, and properly positioned in the backseat. They’ll be ready to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the great outdoors from the safety of your car. You’ll love the peace of mind of knowing your pup is protected.

Enjoy Stops Along the Way

The Leash Boss makes stops during long road trips a breeze. Simply unclip your dog to let them stretch their legs, enjoy a potty break, or pose for silly photos at a roadside attraction. The restraint makes it easy to keep your dog safe in the car during transport, but gives them freedom when your journey pauses. No more struggling to untangle a messy restraint each time you stop!

Escape-Proof for Unmatched Safety

Some dogs are true Houdinis when it comes to wriggling out of restraints. With the robust Leash Boss, escape is virtually impossible when used properly. The sturdy clasp attaches securely to the latch bar and the chew-proof steel cable has no weak points for even the smartest pups to exploit. You can take comfort knowing your dog will stay safely buckled up.

Made in the USA for Quality Construction

Leash Boss dog seat belts are proudly designed and constructed in the United States. The company is based in North Carolina and oversees every aspect of production. This commitment to local manufacturing allows for strict quality control and ethical business practices you can feel good about. They use only premium materials that stand the test of time.

Covered by 5-Year Warranty

Leash Boss provides an outstanding 5-year warranty on all their dog car restraints. This reflects the unmatched confidence they have in their safety products. In the rare event that anything goes wrong with the restraint due to defects in materials or workmanship, they will repair or replace it free of charge. Just reach out to their friendly USA-based customer service team.

Buy with Confidence

When you choose the Leash Boss Dog Car Seat Belt, you’re getting an elite product backed by incredible customer service and assurances. This restraint checks every box: escape-proof, chew-proof, adjustable sizing, latch bar attachment, compatibility with harnesses, and a generous warranty. You can buy with total confidence knowing you’re getting a top-quality item.

Start your dog’s road trip adventures today! Bring your loyal companion along in a safe and comfortable way with the Leash Boss. Your dog will thank you, and you’ll have peace of mind during every drive. Don’t wait – order now and hit the road in style with your furry co-pilot secure in the backseat. Happy trails!


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