Laptom Pro Smart Dog Bark Collar – Advanced No Shock Training Collar with Dual Vibration Modes for Small, Medium and Large Dogs


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Tired of your dog’s excessive barking driving you and your neighbors crazy? Introducing the Laptom Pro Smart Dog Bark Collar, the humane and effective no shock anti-bark training collar perfect for small, medium and large dogs.

Equipped with an advanced bark recognition chip and exclusive anti-false triggering technology, this smart bark collar accurately detects your dog’s bark and filters out unrelated ambient sounds to prevent false corrections. When your furry friend barks, the collar provides a safe yet effective vibration correction, without using any painful or harmful shocks.

The Laptom Pro features stronger dual vibration motors to provide two training modes – Standard Vibration and Strong Vibration. The strong vibration mode delivers a more intense sensation to reinforce training for stubborn or hard-headed barkers. Both modes are completely humane and safe for your dog’s physical and mental well-being.

With the Laptom Pro’s smart bark detection and dual vibration modes, you can curb excessive and nuisance barking using positive reinforcement training. The vibration serves as a correction to interrupt and deter barking, signaling to your dog that barking is undesirable behavior. Over time, your dog will learn to reduce unnecessary barking.

The proprietary smart chip analyzes the unique barking pattern, frequency and volume of your individual dog. This allows the collar to identify and react to YOUR dog’s bark, not just generic bark noises. The advanced anti-false trigger technology also prevents accidental corrections from happening due to loud ambient sounds.

Customize the bark collar’s sensitivity with 5 adjustable levels to suit your dog’s specific needs. Increase the sensitivity for dogs that bark softly or infrequently. Decrease the sensitivity for dogs with consistently loud barks or noisy environments. The sensitivity levels allow you to fine tune the collar to pick up genuine barks and ignore background noises.

Designed for convenience, the Laptom Pro bark collar features a rechargeable 480mAh lithium battery. A single 2-3 hour charge provides 10-15 days of working time, depending on usage frequency. Never worry about replacing batteries again! The collar also indicates low battery and overload protection to ensure safe operation.

The waterproof IPX7 rating means this bark collar can be used outdoors, even in wet conditions. Don’t limit your dog’s bark training to ideal weather only! The reflective straps also help keep your dog visible and safe when outdoors at night.

Customize the fit for your dog with the adjustable nylon collar strap fitting neck sizes 8″ to 21″ (20cm to 53cm). Soft silicone sleeves protect your dog’s skin from irritation. For ultimate comfort, three color-coded collar strap sizes are included – blue for small dogs, red for medium dogs and black for large breeds.

Train your dog to stop excessive barking with the safe, humane and highly effective Laptom Pro Smart Dog Bark Collar. The intelligent bark detection and proprietary anti-false trigger technology deliver customized vibration corrections when your dog barks. Curb nuisance barking and restore peace to your home with this innovative no shock bark collar. Order the Laptom Pro today!


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