Labra Veterinarian Approved Dog Canine K9 Mobility Sling Lift Harness with Adjustable Straps for Senior and Arthritic Pets – Extra Large Black


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As our furry friends get older, their bodies don’t always cooperate with their energetic spirits. Joint pain, arthritis, injuries or just the effects of age can make it difficult for senior dogs to get around comfortably and safely. That’s why Labra created the Veterinarian Approved Dog Mobility Sling Lift Harness – to give your pup the gentle assistance they need to keep enjoying life to the fullest.

Lift Your Dog Up With Ease and Comfort

Does your dog struggle to jump in the car or get comfortable on the couch? Do they need a bit of help getting those back legs up? The Labra Dog Lift makes it easy to give your dog a boost, reducing strain on their joints and your back.

The harness features wide, padded straps that gently lift your dog under their chest and hips. The fleece-lined interior cushioning provides comfort while the adjustable straps allow you to get just the right fit for your dog. No more struggling to lift dead weight or awkward maneuvers – just slip the lift harness on and provide the gentle support your dog needs to get around comfortably.

Keep Your Dog Active and Independent

As our dogs age, getting around can become difficult and discouraging. They may hesitate to go on walks or stumble on slick floors. Providing a little assistance with the Labra Lift Sling can help restore confidence, keep your dog active longer and allow them to retain their independence.

The lift harness keeps your dog secure while allowing them to bear some of their own weight and maintain balance. You provide stability and take pressure off sore joints, helping them walk steadily, get into cars, or climb stairs. Your dog can keep enjoying their favorite activities while regaining mobility.

Designed for Safety, Comfort and Durability

The Labra Dog Lift Sling was designed by veterinarians to be fully safe and comfortable:

  • Wide shoulder and belly straps avoid putting pressure on organs or pinch points
  • Thick padded neck opening prevents chafing
  • Fleece interior lining prevents rubs while keeping your dog cozy
  • Reflective accents provide visibility for evening walks
  • Industrial strength fabric tested for heavy use with dogs up to 150 lbs
  • Easy to clean and machine washable

Our lift sling checks all the boxes for providing safe, long-lasting support. The straps are adjustable to provide a customized fit for your dog’s proportions. We want this lift to provide security and pain-free mobility for years to come.

Reviews from Pet Parents

Thousands of pet parents have shared how the Labra Lift Sling helped their senior or injured dogs. Here are a few of their experiences:

“Our 10 year old Lab mix started really struggling on our walks because of arthritis. She would tire easily and stumble a lot. The sling harness has allowed her to keep going on longer walks by taking some of the weight off her back legs.” – Sarah in CA

“My elderly husky could barely get himself into the car anymore to go to the park which made him sad. The lift sling made it so easy to gently help him up into the back seat so he can still enjoy our outings.” – Daniel in NY

“After ACL surgery our Border Collie had trouble regaining her balance for walks. This harness gave her the stability she needed to start walking steadily again while keeping pressure off her injured leg.” – Julia in TN

“Our Mastiff developed hip dysplasia and was hesitant about going up and down stairs. The lift sling gave her the confidence boost she needed to still use the stairs without fear or struggle.” – Brandon in WA

Give Your Dog the Assistance They Need

If your senior or injured dog is having trouble getting around comfortably, the Labra Dog Lift Sling can help provide the gentle assistance they need. Allow them to keep enjoying all of their favorite activities while reducing strain and anxiety.

Don’t wait for your dog’s mobility issues to worsen – help them keep their happy, active life on track. Order the Labra Dog Sling Lift today!


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