Kytely Fall Dog Bandanas 2 Pack, Autumn Thanksgiving Pet Scarves for Medium and Large Dogs


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Welcome the season of falling leaves and harvest festivals with these charming plaid dog bandanas from Kytely! Crafted from soft, durable cotton fabric, these triangle scarves add a pop of autumnal flair to your pup’s ensemble. Available in a convenient 2-pack, they make excellent gifts for the pet lover in your life.

Festive Style for Furry Friends

Usher in the fall season in style with these playful plaid bandanas. Featuring a buffalo check pattern in shades of orange, tan, and white, they evoke the colors of turning leaves and pumpkin patches. Tassel edging on all sides adds delightful texture and movement.

These cool canine accessories are perfect for fall walks, Thanksgiving gatherings, harvest festivals, and more. Your pooch will look so cute and festive for family photos in their new autumn-themed scarf!

Comfortable, Secure Fit

Designed to fit neck sizes up to 23 inches, these triangular bandanas are ideal for most medium and large breed dogs. The generous dimensions provide full coverage without restricting movement or feeling too snug.

The bandanas fasten with a string that ties easily under your dog’s neck. This allows you to adjust the scarf for a customized, comfortable fit. No need to fuss with tricky knots or bulky fabric. The smart triangle design stays put while allowing your dog to run and play freely.

Premium Quality Materials

Expertly constructed from 100% cotton fabric, these bandanas are soft yet durable. The breathable cotton feels gentle against your dog’s fur, without being overly thick or hot. The fabric is machine washable for easy care between wearings.

High quality dyes ensure the vibrant colors stay true wear after wear. You never have to worry about the plaid scarves fading, running, or bleeding onto your dog’s coat. The excellent craftsmanship means these bandanas will be a staple in your pup’s wardrobe for years to come.

Tips for Getting Your Dog to Wear a Bandana

While most dogs readily accept wearing bandanas, some pups may need a little coaxing at first. Here are some tips for getting your furry friend comfortable sporting their new accessory:

  • Let your dog sniff and inspect the bandana before putting it on. This allows them to become familiar with the new smell and texture.
  • Rub the bandana gently along their fur and skin so they become accustomed to the sensation.
  • Offer treats and praise when you initially put the bandana on, and each time they let you adjust it.
  • Keep first bandana wearing sessions very brief – just a few minutes at a time.
  • Gradually increase the duration your dog wears the accessory as they get more comfortable.
  • Use an excited, happy tone of voice and provide treats to reinforce that the bandana is a good thing.
  • Make sure the bandana fits properly and does not restrict movement, vision, or ability to pant.

With time and positive reinforcement, your dog will come to accept – and maybe even enjoy! – wearing their trendy new bandanas.

Get Ready for Fall Festivities!

Pick up this set of Kytely plaid dog bandanas to welcome autumn in style! The cool weather ahead calls for cozying up by the bonfire, hay rides, apple picking, and more. Your pet wants to join in the seasonal fun while looking their festive best.

With soft fabric, tassel trim, and charming buffalo check print, these bandanas infuse any fall activity with autumnal flair. Your pup will love frolicking in the leaves and posing for harvest photos in their new accessory.

Don’t miss out on these amazing deals – add this 2-pack to your cart today. Your dog will be ready to celebrate the fall season in their stylish plaid scarves!


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