KVP Extra Strong Braided Rope Leashes for Instant Control of Pets (12 Pack)


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Taking your furry friend for a walk is one of life’s simple pleasures. Watching your dog joyfully romp and play while getting their daily exercise is a delight. Ensuring they are safe and secure is a top priority. Having the right leash to maintain control of your pet can make all the difference.

KVP’s braided rope leashes provide instant control and security for your cats and dogs. The 5 foot length gives your pet freedom to explore while allowing you to reign them in when needed. The tough, durable braided polyethylene construction stands up to heavy chewing and abrasion without fraying. It provides a sturdy grip that won’t slip or cut into your hand.

Key Features:

  • Made of colorfast, abrasion-resistant polyethylene for durability
  • Super strong braided design won’t fray or tear
  • Easy slip over the head application for instant control
  • Secure knotted ends to prevent unraveling
  • 5 foot length ideal for cats and small to medium dogs
  • Vibrant assorted colors – easy to spot your pet
  • Lightweight, comfortable and easy to clean

Take Control in an Instant

Trying to clip a leash onto a rambunctious pet can be challenging. KVP’s rope leashes simplify the process by easily slipping over your pet’s head without any need for clasps or hooks. Just slide the loop over their head and you’re ready to go. The durable braided polyethylene construction and knotted ends ensure the leash stays securely in place.

The 5 foot length gives your cat or small to medium sized dog room to move while allowing you to quickly reign them in when needed. No more chasing down pets that have slipped their collar or chewed through flimsy leashes.

Withstands Heavy Use

KVP’s leashes are made using tightly braided polyethylene that is abrasion resistant and long lasting. The colorful braiding is embedded with color throughout the leash so it looks vibrant and new even after heavy use. No fraying, peeling or shredding.

The strong, sturdy grip and knotted ends stand up to pulling and chewing. No more leashes being destroyed after a few uses. These leashes can handle years of outdoor walks, trips to the vet or groomer, and use at shelters or kennels.

Comfortable and Secure Grip

The braided polyethylene material is soft and comfortable to hold while still providing a secure grip. The leash won’t slide or cut into your hand when your pet darts after a squirrel. Your hold will remain steady even if your pet pulls hard. No more rope burns from gripping a thin nylon leash.

The vibrant colors make it easy to spot your pet from a distance while also looking fashionable and fun. Match your pet’s personality with leash colors like red, blue, green, orange and pink.

Ideal Uses

KVP’s slip lead leashes have many great uses:

  • Walking dogs – Instantly get control of rambunctious pups before heading out
  • Vet visits – Easily slip over head of nervous pets
  • Grooming – Keep wiggly pups secure for their haircut
  • Traveling – Use in cars, on planes or visiting hotels
  • Training – Aid in leash skills and behavioral training
  • Kennels & shelters – Great for use with many dogs
  • Rescues – Help control scared dogs until adopted

Order With Confidence

KVP provides quality products and excellent service. Their leashes come in a convenient 12 pack so you always have backups handy. The leashes are made in the USA and are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Give your pets the freedom to adventure while ensuring you can reign them in instantly if needed. Order the KVP Extra Strong Braided Rope Leashes today!


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