Kurgo Quantum Leash – The Ultimate 6-in-1 Hands Free Dog Leash for Walking, Running, Hiking and Training


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Take your dog walks to the next level with the Kurgo Quantum Leash – the ingeniously designed 6-in-1 dog leash that converts into different styles to suit your needs. This versatile leash lets you walk, run, hike or train hands-free, giving you and your furry friend the freedom to move together in sync.

Walk, Jog or Run Hands-Free

The Quantum Leash securely wraps around your waist like a belt, allowing you to keep your hands free while your pup walks or runs alongside you. The hands-free design is great for multi-tasking during walks, letting you check your phone, hold a coffee or chat with a neighbor while your dog stays close by your side.

Hike Off-Leash Without Worrying About Getting Lost

When adventuring on hiking trails, easily convert the Quantum Leash into a tether to keep your pup safely connected while exploring off-leash. Attach the carabiner clip end to your belt or backpack and let your dog wander ahead or behind while giving them more freedom to sniff and wander within a 6 foot radius.

Train Better With Two Leash Length Options

Having the right leash length is crucial for effective training. With the Quantum Leash, quickly switch between a 6 foot leash for casual walks or a 3 foot leash for keeping your dog close during focused training sessions. The adjustable length gives you better control while also preventing tangling.

Reflective Stitching for Visibility

Be safe walking your dog when visibility is low with the Quantum Leash’s reflective stitching. The reflective accents help you and your dog stay visible to drivers in low light conditions.

Durable, Heavy-Duty Design

Made with sturdy 1 inch wide nylon webbing, the Quantum Leash is designed to be super strong and durable. It securely withstands pulls and is constructed to last through years of regular use.

Quickly Switch Between 6 Convenient Styles

Transition seamlessly between leash styles using the secure carabiner clip. Easily convert from:

  • Waist belt leash
  • Over the shoulder leash
  • Double dog leash
  • Versatile tether leash
  • 6 foot standard leash
  • 3 foot training leash

Having 6 leash styles packed into one convenient leash means you’ll always have the right leash option for any situation.

Designed for Comfort and Functionality

Thoughtful design features make the Quantum Leash comfortable and intuitive to use. The padded handle prevents hand fatigue while the floating bungee absorbs dog pulls for less arm strain. The leash won’t obstruct your movement or ride up while running thanks to the non-slip waist belt lining.

Fits Waist Sizes up to 56 inches

The adjustable waist belt is designed to fit waists up to 56 inches for a secure, customized fit. Simply slide the buckle tighter or looser to find your perfect fit.

For Dogs Up To 110 lbs

This heavy-duty leash is built to handle dogs up to 110 lbs, making it ideal for medium to large breed dogs. The durable construction stands up to pullers while keeping even big dogs under control.

Carabiner Clip Included

Each Quantum Leash comes with a sturdy carabiner clip for easily connecting the leash to your belt, backpack or other anchor point when using the tether style.

Available in 4 Bold Colors

Choose from 4 eye-catching color options – red, blue, green and black – to match your style. The vibrant colors look sharp while also helping you stay visible.

Backed by Kurgo’s Lifetime Warranty

You can buy the Quantum Leash worry-free knowing it is backed by Kurgo’s lifetime warranty against defects.

Why Dog Owners Love the Quantum Leash

🐶 “This leash is perfect for running with my high energy pup! We go on 3-4 mile jogs and the hands free design makes it so much easier.”

🐶 “I love having the option to easily go from a 6 foot leash to a 3 foot leash for training. It has really improved our training sessions.”

🐶 “Hiking is way more fun now that I can let my adventurous dog explore more freely but still keep him safely tethered close by.”

🐶 “The reflective stitching gives me peace of mind on night walks. I feel more visible and safe.”

🐶 “I use the shoulder carry option all the time when walking my two dogs. It gives me much better control than holding two leashes.”

Experience the Freedom of Hands-Free Dog Walking

Free your hands and bond with your dog like never before with the ingeniously designed Quantum Leash from Kurgo. With 6 convenient leash styles packed into one, you’ll always have the right leash option for any adventure.


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