Kurgo Hands-Free 2 Dog Running Belt – Keep Your Pup Close On Outdoor Adventures


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Life is an adventure, especially with your furry canine companion by your side. Whether you’re an avid runner training for your next 5k or love embarking on outdoor excursions, the Kurgo Hands-Free 2 Dog Running Belt allows you to bring your pup along while keeping your hands free. This comfortable, adjustable waist belt features two quick-slide leash attachments so you can securely connect your dog’s leash while maintaining complete mobility.

Run Unencumbered With Your Pup

If you’re an avid runner, you know that holding your dog’s leash in your hand while jogging can throw off your stride. With the Kurgo hands-free running belt, you can clip your dog’s leash into either sliding attachment point on the belt so your hands are free while you maintain control of your pup. The belt sits comfortably on your hips, distributing your dog’s weight evenly so you can focus on your running form. Enjoy your regular fitness routine without having to hold a leash or constantly check on your dog.

Adventure Ready For The Trails

Bring your canine buddy along on your favorite hiking trails, camping trips, and other outdoor adventures while keeping them safe and secure. The Kurgo running belt allows you to attach one or two leashes so multiple dogs can join in the fun. The adjustable sliding leash attachments give your dog more freedom to explore while allowing you to quickly reign them in when needed. With reflective accents, this rugged belt ensures you and your pup remain visible even in low light.

Thoughtful Design For Comfort and Durability

Designed with an athletic dog parent in mind, the Kurgo hands-free dog leash belt is made of lightweight, breathable mesh with padded backing for comfort during extended wear. The adjustable waist strap ensures a custom fit whether you’re petite or plus-sized. Constructed with durable ripstop material, this rugged outdoor belt is designed to withstand even the most energetic pups. Enjoy the convenience of hands-free dog walking without sacrificing durability or comfort.

Key Features:

  • Hands-free leash attachment allows complete mobility while running or hiking with your dog
  • Two quick slide leash clips securely attach your dog’s leash
  • Lightweight, breathable mesh construction with padded backing for comfort
  • Reflective accents help keep you visible in low light conditions
  • Adjustable waist strap fits waists 28 – 48 inches
  • Durable ripstop material stands up to energetic dogs

Run Unrestrained With Your Pup By Your Side

Don’t let holding a leash hold you back from your fitness goals and outdoor adventures. The Kurgo Hands-Free 2 Dog Running Belt allows you to bring your furry companion along while keeping your hands free for balance, swinging arms, using trekking poles, or anything else your activity requires.

The comfortable hip belt distributes your dog’s weight evenly so you can focus on your movement without restriction. Enjoy your regular running route or a new hiking trail without worrying about your dog’s leash throwing you off balance or slowing you down. The adjustable sliding leash attachments provide them just the right amount of freedom to explore without wandering off trail.

Take your pup with you wherever the path leads with the peace of mind that they are safely and securely attached. No more frustrating leash tangles or sore hands from trying to control an excited explorer. The Kurgo Hands-Free Running Belt for dogs turns every adventure into quality time with your furry best friend.

Adventure Ready From Mountains To Parks

Dogs make every outdoor adventure more fun, but leashes can limit your activity or be difficult to manage in certain terrain. The Kurgo hands-free running belt solves this problem by allowing you to securely attach your dog while keeping your hands completely free.

Hiking rocky trails, climbing over downed trees, or scrambling up inclines requires using your hands for balance and grip. With the dog running belt, you don’t have to worry about dropping the leash or your dog getting tangled as you navigate challenging terrain. Your pup can follow right alongside you, enjoying the sights and smells of the trail.

Going on a family bike ride or run around the park is more enjoyable without having to hold your dog’s leash the entire time. Give them room to run and explore while maintaining control. The included bungee tether provides shock absorption for pulling dogs so they don’t throw you off balance.

From weekend camping trips to daily neighborhood walks, the Kurgo hands-free dog belt provides security and convenience wherever you and your pup roam. Experience the freedom to use both hands while enjoying outdoor adventures together.

Thoughtful Design Meets Rugged Durability

Creating an outdoor product that stands up to energetic dogs requires the perfect balance of smart design and rugged materials. Kurgo developers kept comfort, versatility, and durability top of mind when designing the hands-free dog running belt.

The lightweight mesh and padded backing wicks away moisture to keep you cool and comfortable on long runs or hikes. The fully adjustable waist strap customizes the fit for runners and hikers of all sizes. Breathable and flexible, the belt moves with you without uncomfortable bouncing or chafing.

Constructed with ripstop fabric, this rugged leash belt withstands pulling, scratching, and rough terrain. The quick-slide leash attachments securely hold leashes in place without popping open accidentally. Reflective trim ensures you remain visible even when adventuring in low light.

From trail to sidewalk, the Kurgo hands-free dog leash belt combines thoughtful convenience features with durable fabrics built to last. Bring your canine companion along on all of life’s adventures while enjoying the freedom of hands-free dog walking.


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