Kurgo Blaze Dog Socks – Slip-on Design for Easy On & Off with Shoes


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Getting shoes on a dog can be a challenging task. Make the process a breeze with the Kurgo Blaze Dog Socks. Specially designed to pair with Kurgo dog shoes, these socks ease shoeing and enhance comfort for active pups.

Stretch Fabric Hugs Paws

Crafted from a stretchy blend of polyester, nylon and spandex, these socks flex to conform snugly to paws. The compression fit prevents sliding and keeps shoes securely in place as your dog runs and plays.

Moisture-Wicking & Quick-Drying

Hot, sweaty paws are no match for the technical moisture-wicking sock fabric. It pulls sweat away from skin and accelerates drying time. Paws stay cool and comfortable inside shoes.

Protects Dewclaws

The sock design effectively covers dewclaws to prevent irritation from shoes. Eliminates hassles getting shoes over hooked dewclaws. Lets your dog wear shoes without discomfort.

Easy On & Off

Simply slide the socks over your dog’s paws and adjust the custom fit. The heel tabs provide extra leverage for smooth on and off without forcing. Go from bare paws to fully shod in seconds.

Made for Kurgo Dog Shoes

Get the most out of Kurgo Blaze dog shoes by adding these coordinating socks. Allows paws to slide easily in and out of the shoes while enhancing stability and delivering next-level comfort.

Breathable Knit Construction

The airy knit sock fabric allows airflow to keep paws cool. Stops overheating and discomfort inside shoes during active use. Light cushioning prevents rubbing and hot spots too.

Anti-Slip Zones

Strategically placed compression zones across the top and middle of the sock grip paws firmly to prevent sliding. Keeps paws and shoes moving in sync for worry-free wear.

Convenient Medium Size

Fits Kurgo dog shoes sized medium for dogs with paw widths of 2.5 inches and lengths of 6.25 inches. Refer to the product size chart to ensure ideal shoe and sock pairing for your pup.

Built for Outdoor Adventure

Designed with energetic dogs in mind, these socks stand up to hiking, running, and all-day wear. Protect paws from hot pavement, rubble and rough terrain in total comfort.

Make shoeing a breeze with the help of Kurgo Blaze Dog Socks. Get your active dog outfitted for adventure in shoes that stay on and socks that feel great.


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