KUDES Plaid Dog Collars with Bow Tie Set – Adorable Dog Accessories for Your Furry Friend


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Give your pup some preppy panache with the KUDES Plaid Dog Collar and Bow Tie Set. This adorable 2-piece set comes with a stylish plaid pattern collar and a matching preppy bow tie to complete the dapper look. Available in beige and brown or blue and red, these collars allow you to coordinate your dog’s outfit for any occasion.

An Adorable Accessory for Your Pup

Your furry friend brings so much joy into your life. Now you can return the favor with this playful accessory set. The included plaid collar features an adjustable strap to provide the perfect fit for necks 9.6” to 13.8”. Simply slide the collar over your dog’s head and adjust the strap to their ideal size. A handy side release buckle makes it easy to get on and off without a fuss.

The matching preppy bow tie attaches to the collar with a snap closure to complete the look. Whether you have a special event coming up or just want to jazz up your pup’s everyday ensemble, this collar set adds a touch of class and personality. The bow tie is also removable, so your pooch can rock the plaid collar on its own too.

Durable Materials and Thoughtful Design

While the aesthetics are on point, we didn’t forget about comfort and durability. The collar strap is made from polyester webbing that’s soft on your dog’s fur. It attaches to a PU leather panel, so it’s scratch-resistant and built to last. The bow tie is crafted from polyester as well.

For your pup’s safety, the collar has a durable D-ring to attach your leash and ID tags. The side release buckle is made to pop open when tugged, preventing any choking hazard if the collar gets caught on something. And the dangling bell provides a little added visibility and entertainment for your dog.

Matches Your Dog’s Unique Style

With your choice of beige/brown or blue/red, you can select the collar set that best matches your dog’s unique look and personality. The versatile plaid pattern works equally well for male or female pups. So go ahead and get one for your precious poodle, spunky spaniel, cheerful chihuahua, and every dog in between.

The neutral beige and brown combo pairs perfectly with short or long fur in shades of cream, caramel, chocolate or black. It will look sharp on your French bulldog, maltese, yorkie, shih tzu, wheaten terrier or similar breed.

For dogs with red, white or tri-colored coats, the blue and red set coordinates beautifully. Try it on your maltipoo, cavalier King Charles spaniel, Brittany or cocker spaniel. There’s no limit to the cute pups that will look snazzy in these collars!

Matches Your Dog’s Size

With 3 size options, you can get the perfect fit for your pup:

Small – Designed to fit necks 9.6” to 13.8” Medium – Designed to fit necks 11.8” to 17.8” Large – Designed to fit necks 14.2” to 21.7”

To determine your dog’s neck size, simply wrap a soft measuring tape around their neck where you want the collar to rest. Make sure you can fit 2 fingers between the tape and their fur. This will provide a comfortable fit.

The small size works great for toy breed puppies and petite dogs like chihuahuas and yorkies. The medium is ideal for cocker spaniels, miniature poodles, beagles and similar. And the large fits larger breed dogs such as Labradors, golden retrievers, boxers and more.

With the adjustable strap, you can securely fit necks on the smaller or larger end of the range. Just be sure to recheck your dog’s neck size periodically if they are still growing.

Matches Different Occasions

Part of the fun of this collar set is dressing your dog up for special occasions or just because. Here are some ways you can incorporate it into different events:

Birthdays: Celebrate your pup’s special day by having them greet guests in their birthday best. The bow tie adds a festive flair.

Weddings: If your dog is part of your wedding, this collar set adds a nice touch of formality to their wedding day wear.

Christmas: Deck your dog out in holiday cheer with the red collar or go classic with the black/white plaid.

Easter: The pastel bow tie is perfect for an Easter celebration.

School events: Show your school pride by matching the colors to your college or sports team.

Family photos: Include your well-dressed pup in your next family photoshoot.

Everyday: Let your dog strut their stuff wearing this stylish set for dog walks, trips to the park, and more.

The Perfect Gift for Dog Lovers

Do you have a friend or family member who is wild about their furry friend? This collar set makes a fantastic gift! It shows you put thought into finding something unique and stylish for their beloved companion.

For birthdays, holidays, doggy parenthood celebrations or any occasion, the KUDES Plaid Dog Collar and Bow Tie Set is sure to delight both dog and owner. See their face light up when they open the box to reveal this adorable accessory set!

To sum up, if you’re looking to add preppy flair and personality to your pup’s look, the KUDES Plaid Collar and Bow Tie Set has you covered. With durable construction, adjustable sizing and a classic pattern, it’s designed to bring joy both in everyday wear or dressy events. Get one for your special dog today!


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