KONG Ziggies Puppy Teething Treats – Delicious Dental Care for Your Growing Furry Friend (2 Pack)


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Give your teething puppy a reason to smile with KONG Ziggies Puppy Teething Treats. Designed for growing mouths, these delicious dental chews gently clean teeth and soothe sore gums while delivering mouthwatering flavor puppies love.

The fun zig-zag shape and durable rubber texture are perfect for scraping away soft plaque and tartar as your puppy chews. Ziggies work similar to dental chews, providing a natural teeth-cleaning solution without the need for brushing. Plus, they are highly digestible to support your puppy’s developing digestive system.

Soothe Sore Gums During Teething

Puppies start losing their baby teeth around 12-16 weeks old as their permanent adult teeth begin pushing through the gums. This teething process can cause gum pain and discomfort.

KONG Ziggies provide the gentle chewing action puppies crave during this stage to relieve teething pain and soreness. The ridges massage gums while the durable rubber helps soothe inflammation. Ziggies give your puppy a healthy chewing outlet instead of unsuitable items like your belongings.

The delicious flavor keeps puppies engaged in chewing longer to get relief. And since chewing helps satisfy a dog’s natural instinct to chew, Ziggies make the perfect teething distraction.

Clean Developing Teeth Gently and Effectively

The unique zig-zag shape is designed to penetrate crevices between teeth and under the gumline where plaque and bacteria accumulate. As your puppy chews, the durable rubber ridges gently scrape away soft plaque and tartar.

Regular chewing helps prevent plaque buildup while your puppy’s permanent teeth are developing. This promotes better dental health throughout their life by establishing good chewing habits young. The highly digestible formula also supports your growing puppy’s sensitive digestive system.

Make Treat Time More Exciting

Stuff a KONG rubber toy with Ziggies to make treat time more engaging and interactive for your pup. They’ll love working to get every bite of flavor out of the toy. Freezing the KONG first makes it an extra fun challenge.

You can also use Ziggies as training rewards for reinforcing positive behaviors in your puppy. Their small resealable package makes Ziggies easy to bring anywhere for rewarding your pup during training sessions.

Made in the USA with Premium Natural Ingredients

KONG Ziggies Puppy Dental Chews are proudly made in the USA with quality ingredients for safety you can trust. They contain no corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, or artificial preservatives.

The exclusive KONG rubber formula is gentle on developing mouths. The handy 2-pack provides a stock of fresh treats to support your teething puppy. Always monitor your puppy when giving any chews or treats.

Pet Parents Love KONG Ziggies

KONG Ziggies receive outstanding reviews from pet parents who see noticeable improvements in their puppy’s dental health. Customers also love using Ziggies as stuffable treat toys for teething relief and playtime. Here’s what fellow pet owners are saying:

“These chews saved us during teething. Our puppy loves them and her new teeth look so clean.”

“I stuff a KONG with these when I have to do work and keeps my puppy busy for a long time.”

“Vet recommended for teething and tummy issues. My pup gobbles them right up.”

“Made in the USA using safe ingredients – exactly what I want for my pup.”

Give your teething puppy something to smile about with KONG Ziggies Puppy Dental Chews. Sore gum relief plus delicious flavor will have your pup begging for more! Get a 2-pack today to support dental health through the teething stage and beyond.


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