KONG Treats Variety Pack for Training Puppies


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Give your puppy variety at treat time with this combo pack from KONG. It contains Easy Treat paste, Ziggies dental sticks and Puppy Snacks, providing a tasty assortment of textures and flavors.

The Easy Treat chicken-flavored paste is made for conveniently stuffing into KONG rubber toys and treat dispensers. Simply spoon it into the openings and let your teething puppy lick and nibble away at the yummy paste to soothe their gums. Freezing the stuffed KONG prolongs the treat release too.

Ziggies are dental stick treats that help clean puppy teeth while satisfying the urge to chew. Their small size and zig-zag shape effectively scrubs away plaque and tartar buildup from multiple angles. Plus, they contain no artificial ingredients.

The oven-baked Puppy Snacks are bite-sized crunchy training treats perfect for rewarding good behavior. Their mini size prevents overfeeding active puppies. Three delicious flavors – bacon & cheese, peanut butter and chicken – provide variety.

This KONG treat combo is great for:

  • Teething puppy relief
  • House training rewards
  • Interactive toy stuffing
  • Crate training reinforcement
  • Basic obedience rewarding

Give your teething pup relief and occupy them for hours by stuffing their KONG toy with yummy Easy Treat paste. The coldness soothes sore gums too.

Cleaning tiny puppy teeth can be challenging. Help remove tartar before it builds up with irresistible dental Ziggies. Their small size is perfect for little mouths.

Use crunchy Puppy Snacks to positively reinforce desired behaviors like potty training. The mini size prevents overfeeding high-energy puppies.

KONG has over 40 years experience crafting dog toys and treats to meet canines’ instincts. This variety pack provides multi-textured incentives to support your puppy’s development.

Dog parents love these KONG puppy treats:

“The paste is a lifesaver for my teething Lab puppy. I fill her KONG with it and she stops chewing everything in sight.”

“My Yorkie pup goes crazy for these Ziggy sticks. They help clean her tiny puppy teeth and keep her occupied.”

“Those Puppy Snacks are perfect for training my hyper Border Collie. He loves the crunchy texture and different flavors.”

Give your teething, chewing, training puppy variety at treat time with this combo from KONG. The assorted textures and flavors will keep your pup interested and engaged.

The convenient resealable pouches help the treats stay fresh too. KONG uses quality ingredients made in the USA without artificial colors or flavors.

Provide the very best for your furry friend with this tasty treat sampler pack from KONG. Your puppy’s wagging tail will thank you at treat time!


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