KONG Stuff’N Ziggies Dog Treats – (Pack of 3) Clean Teeth While Satisfying Your Dog’s Chewing Urge


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Give your dog a reason to smile while keeping their teeth clean with KONG Stuff’N Ziggies Dog Treats. This pack of 3 resealable 8-oz bags is specially designed to fill KONG interactive toys for extended chewing playtime.

The zig-zag shape and durable rubber texture are perfect for scraping away plaque and tartar as your dog chews. Ziggies work similar to dental chews, providing a natural teeth-cleaning solution without the need for brushing.

Delight Their Senses with Tempting Flavors

KONG Ziggies have a mouthwatering flavor that dogs find irresistible. The savory taste and enticing aroma motivate pups to chew longer while freshening their breath. Since chewing helps satisfy a dog’s natural instinct, Ziggies make a tasty distraction to keep your dog happy.

You can stuff a KONG rubber toy with Ziggies for a fun interactive chew experience. Your dog will be challenged and rewarded as they work to get every tasty morsel out of the KONG.

Clean Teeth While Satisfying Chewing Urges

The unique zig-zag shape is designed to penetrate crevices between teeth and under the gumline where plaque and bacteria accumulate. As your dog chews, the durable ridges gently scrape away tartar and plaque to reduce harmful bacteria.

The texture also massages gums to improve dental health. Providing an acceptable chew option helps redirect chewing urges away from unsuitable items like shoes or furniture.

Highly Digestible with Quality Ingredients

KONG Ziggies Dental Treats contain no corn, wheat, or soy and have no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. They are made in the USA with premium ingredients tailored for digestive health and safety.

The highly digestible formula supports your active dog’s nutritional needs while also reducing stomach upset risks sometimes associated with rawhide chews.

Keep Your Dog Mentally and Physically Engaged

In addition to dental care, KONG Ziggies are great for providing rewarding fun for your pup. The 8-oz resealable bags make it easy to always have fresh treats on hand.

Stuff a KONG toy with Ziggies and let your dog enjoy the challenge of extracting their tasty prize. This satisfies their instinct to hunt while keeping them entertained for hours.

You can also use Ziggies treats for training rewards or stuffed in a food-dispensing toy for mealtime. Engage your dog’s mind and body while caring for their teeth.

Customers Adore KONG Ziggies

Pet parents love using KONG Ziggies treats to clean their dog’s teeth and extend playtime. The durable texture stands up well to moderate and even aggressive chewers. Here’s what fellow customers are saying:

“These help keep my dog’s teeth so clean! I stuff them in his KONG and the zig-zag shape really works.”

“My heavy chewer finally meets his match with these treats! He loves the flavor too.”

“I love having these on hand for stuffing my dog’s KONGs. Keeps her busy for a long time.”

“Such high-quality compared to other dental treats. My dog’s breath is noticeably better.”

Give your dog a reason to smile while keeping their teeth sparkling clean with KONG Stuff’N Ziggies Dog Dental Treats. This resealable 3-pack ensures you always have these pawsome zig-zag treats ready for chewing playtime!


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