KONG Stuff’n Bacon & Cheese Dog Treats – Tasty Snacks Sized for Large KONG Toys


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Treat your dog to mouthwatering KONG Stuff’n Bacon & Cheese Flavored Dog Treats! These oven-baked snacks are specially sized to extend playtime by fitting perfectly inside large KONG classic rubber toys.

Made with real bacon and cheddar cheese, these wholesome goodies deliver irresistible meaty, cheesy flavor your dog will love. Keep your pup challenged and rewarded for hours by filling their KONG toy with these scrumptious snacks.

Tempting Real Bacon and Cheese Flavor

What dog can resist the tantalizing taste of bacon and cheese?! These KONG treats are baked with real bacon and cheddar cheese for a savory flavor combination dogs crave.

The aroma and flavors of smoky bacon and sharp cheddar create a treat experience that motivates your dog to keep chewing and licking to get every last morsel. Your pup will work hard at releasing treats from their KONG for the ultimate bacon and cheese payoff.

Crafted with Premium All-Natural Ingredients

KONG Stuff’n Bacon & Cheese Dog Treats are thoughtfully made with premium all-natural ingredients you can trust. There are no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives that can be harmful to dogs.

Produced in the USA, these snacks contain no wheat, corn or soy. The short list of high-quality ingredients includes oat flour, bacon, cheddar cheese, coconut oil, eggs, flaxseed, garlic, and turmeric. Give your dog a nutritious treat you can feel good about!

Ideal Size for Large KONG Classic Toys

The bone-shaped treats and large size allow them to wedge tightly inside a big KONG classic rubber toy. This creates an interactive food puzzle that satisfies your dog’s instinct to work for food rewards.

As your dog chews and rolls the KONG, treats are released slowly to motivate and reward continued play. Filling with these tasty snacks transforms a regular KONG into a more challenging game for bigger dogs.

Extended Playtime from Treat-Stuffed KONGs

By stuffing KONGs with these irresistible bacon and cheese treats, playtime becomes more fulfilling and lasts longer. Your dog will be focused and determined to get every morsel out of the KONG for a tasty payoff.

Freezing a stuffed KONG amplifies the challenge and Foxtrot playtime even more. This snack-and-toy combo provides hours of solo entertainment to reduce boredom when home alone. Your dog will look forward to playtime with their bacon and cheese KONG!

Pet Owners Love These Oven-Baked Snacks

KONG Stuff’n Bacon & Cheese Flavored Dog Treats receive rave reviews from pet parents who love treating their pups to these tasty snacks. Customers praise how well these treats hold up inside KONG toys for extended enrichment. Here’s what they’re saying:

“My heavy chewer lab finally met his match with these treats in his KONG – kept him busy!”

“I’m so glad these are all-natural with real ingredients. My dog gobbles them right up.”

“Fits perfectly into my dog’s large KONG and keeps her entertained for a long time.”

“USA-made with real bacon and cheese – you can see and smell the quality!”

Give your big dog a deliciously challenging snackable toy with KONG Stuff’n Bacon & Cheese Dog Treats! This tasty duo provides paws-itive entertainment.


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