KONG Peanut Butter Easy Treat Paste for Dogs


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Make your dog’s playtime more exciting with KONG’s Easy Treat peanut butter flavored paste. This 8oz can is perfect for filling KONG rubber toys and treat dispensers to keep your pup happily occupied for hours.

KONG’s irresistible peanut butter paste provides a convenient no-mess solution for stuffing KONGs and other interactive toys. Simply spoon it into the openings, let freeze briefly, and give to your dog for long-lasting fun as they lick and nibble to get every last bit.

Using Easy Treat paste is a great way to turn mealtimes into an engaging game too. Just fill your dog’s KONG or food dispensing toy and watch them enjoy their kibble at a slower, healthier pace.

In addition to being a tasty snack, peanut butter has many benefits for dogs including:

  • Healthy fat for energy
  • Skin and coat health
  • Supports heart, brain and immune system function
  • Aids with weight loss or maintenance
  • Highly palatable flavor dogs love

Dog parents love KONG’s peanut butter Easy Treat:

“This stuff is a miracle worker for keeping my high energy Lab puppy occupied and out of trouble. I fill his KONGs and freeze them.”

“My elderly dog doesn’t have much of an appetite lately but will still lick peanut butter. This paste makes it easy to give her a calorie boost.”

“I use this paste to put my French Bulldog’s medicine in so he actually takes it! The peanut butter masks the taste wonderfully.”

“Smearing a little bit of this in my Golden’s KONG makes her so happy whenever I have to put her in her crate. Keeps her busy.”

KONG’s Easy Treat paste is made in the USA with high quality ingredients and real peanut butter. It contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

You can feel good knowing KONG crafts their products to the highest standards in their own US facilities. Their range of toys and treats are specially designed to meet dogs’ natural instincts to chew and play.

For over 40 years, pet parents have trusted KONG to make safe, durable, and most importantly, fun products to enrich their dogs’ lives. Their peanut butter Easy Treat paste will quickly become your dog’s favorite snacktime reward!

Make playtime more engaging and extend mealtime fun with KONG’s Easy Treat Peanut Butter Paste. Your dog will lick their bowl clean before begging for more of this tasty snack.

Benefits of KONG Peanut Butter Easy Treat Paste

  • Delicious peanut butter flavor – Irresistible taste dogs love!
  • Stuff and freeze KONG toys – Prolongs play and chewing
  • Slow down fast eaters – Makes them work for kibble
  • Occupies and engages dogs – Reduces boredom and anxiety
  • Made in the USA – Quality ingredients
  • Real peanut butter – No artificial flavors
  • Convenient dispenser – No mess or waste
  • Calorie booster – Encourages picky eaters
  • Masks medicine taste – Makes taking meds easier

With KONG’s Easy Treat Peanut Butter paste, snacktime is pawsome for dogs and easy for pet parents!


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