KONG Natural Chicken Jerky Treats for Small Dogs


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Give your small dog a tasty, nutritious treat with KONG Chicken Jerky. These premium all-natural jerky strips are made in the USA with real chicken as the first ingredient.

The smaller strip size is tailored for little mouths, perfect for mini and small breed dogs. The flexible texture also allows you to easily tear pieces off to customize the size for your pup.

KONG Chicken Jerky contains no grains, wheat, corn or soy. This makes the jerky easily digestible for small dogs. The strips are gently dried to preserve the delicious chicken flavor your pup will love.

Use these soft natural jerky treats for:

  • Training rewards
  • Stuffing in KONG toys
  • Tasty between-meal snacks
  • Sprinkling on kibble

Their flexible texture lets you tear the chicken strips into tiny pieces perfect for toy stuffing or training little pups. Hide jerky inside a KONG for a challenging game of fetch your pup will adore!

Dog parents of small breeds love these jerky strips:

“These soft jerky pieces are perfect for training my picky Chihuahua. She goes crazy for the chicken flavor and small size.”

“I love stuffing my elderly Yorkie’s KONG toy with these jerky treats. It keeps her busy trying to get them out.”

“Real chicken is the first ingredient and my finicky Pomeranian gobbles up these jerky strips so fast. She loves them.”

“I tear the jerky into tiny pieces for training my Maltese with dental issues. The soft texture is gentle on her mouth.”

These natural jerky strips provide great health benefits for small dogs including:

  • High-quality protein for muscle
  • Omega fatty acids for skin and coat
  • Low fat and calories
  • Grain, wheat and gluten free
  • Easily digestible formula

KONG dog treats are made in the USA using globally sourced ingredients that meet strict quality standards. For over 40 years, KONG has designed unique toys and treats to enrich dogs’ lives.

Pet parents trust the KONG brand to create premium products that satisfy natural chewing and playing instincts. Reward your small pup with the yummy taste of real chicken in these KONG Jerky strips!

Benefits of KONG Chicken Jerky for Small Dogs

  • Real chicken first ingredient – Delicious flavor
  • Smaller strip size – Perfect for little mouths
  • Soft and flexible texture – Easily tears into small pieces
  • Grain, wheat and gluten free – Easily digestible
  • Low fat and calories – Healthy treat
  • Made in the USA – Premium quality ingredients
  • Stuff into KONG toys – Prolongs playtime
  • Training rewards – Highly motivating treat
  • Between meal snack – Satisfies cravings
  • Topper for kibble – Encourages picky eaters

Show your tiny pup some big love with KONG’s natural chicken jerky strips made specially for little laps and tiny teeth. Your small-breed buddy will jump for these scrumptious, tearable treats!


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