KONG Hide & Seek Dog Toy With Built-In Treat Pockets


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Want to keep your dog engaged and entertained for hours? Get them the KONG Ballistic Hide ‘n Treat dog toy! This unique canvas chew toy has built-in pockets to hide treats, challenging your dog to work for their reward.

The Hide ‘n Treat has overlapping flaps that open to reveal secret pockets on the inside. You can fill these pockets with your dog’s favorite treats, kibble or peanut butter. As your dog tries to get the treats out, they’ll be kept busy chewing, tugging and playing with the toy.

This mental stimulation is so important for your dog’s development and overall wellbeing. The Hide ‘n Treat gives them an outlet to exercise their natural foraging instincts in a positive way.

The canvas material is durable enough to withstand tough chewing and play. But the fabric pockets are soft on your dog’s mouth, unlike hard plastic chew toys. This makes it great for aggressive chewers who want a softer option.

Dog parents love challenging their pups with this interactive toy:

“My Beagle goes nuts for this toy! I can put treats or kibble in it and she’ll work to get them out. Keeps her from getting into things she shouldn’t while home alone because she’s so focused on the toy.”

“I have a super smart Border Collie who needs constant mental stimulation and this KONG toy works perfectly. I use his breakfast kibble in it so he has to work for his food. It slows down his eating and keeps him entertained.”

“My Dachshund loves ripping apart toys so I worried he would destroy this. But the canvas is very durable and has held up to his tough chewing for months. The treat pockets are a great feature.”

“This KONG toy engages my high energy Pit Bull for long periods. I can put peanut butter or wet food in the pockets and freeze it for an extra challenge. She loves trying to get the treats out.”

The Hide ‘n Treat is available in small, medium and large so you can choose the right size for your pup. The overlapping flaps securely close with Velcro strips, preventing the filling from spilling out prematurely.

This interactive chew toy provides many benefits for dogs including:

  • Mental stimulation and challenge
  • Slowed eating when used with meals
  • Outlet for natural scavenging instinct
  • Reduced boredom and anxiety when alone
  • Focus and engagement during playtime

The canvas material is designed to be wiped clean after use. Dog slobber and leftover bits won’t stick to the fabric. Having an easy-to-clean toy keeps things hygienic for your home and pup.

KONG toys are made in the USA using quality materials. They are specially designed by dog experts for dogs’ chewing, playing and training needs. KONG has been crafting durable dog toys for over 40 years.

Make your dog’s playtime more exciting while also giving them mental enrichment. The KONG Ballistic Hide ‘n Treat engages their curiosity and problem-solving skills as they try to unlock the hidden goodies inside.

Your clever canine will be obsessed with this fun chew toy. Use it to:

  • Occupy hyper pups
  • Challenge intelligent breeds
  • Slow down fast eaters
  • Stimulate natural foraging instincts
  • Reduce separation anxiety
  • Focus high energy during play

Get your dog the KONG Ballistic Hide ‘n Treat today and watch them enjoy hours of engaging play. The built-in treat pockets add an extra layer of excitement not found in regular plush toys.

Your furry friend will love you for this fun new chew challenge! Just be prepared for them to start dropping hints when it’s time to refill the secret treat pockets once they’ve licked them clean.


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