KONG Easy Treat Liver Spreadable Dog Treat Paste – Delicious Stuffable Treat for Kong Toys & Lick Mats (2 Pack)


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Treat your dog to revolutionary KONG Easy Treat spreadable liver flavor paste – a no-mess way to fill Kong toys and interactive dog toys. This puree dog treat paste makes stuffing treats easy and less messy for pet parents while delivering a mouthwatering meaty flavor dogs love.

The easy-dispense can allows you to quickly fill Kongs and lick mats without getting your hands dirty. Your dog will be challenged and rewarded as they work to lick every bit of yummy liver flavor. KONG Easy Treat paste is a great way to keep your dog engaged and happy.

Delicious Meaty Liver Flavor Dogs Crave

Dogs go crazy for the mouthwatering liver flavor. The smooth, puree texture allows flavors to release steadily as your dog licks and chews. Easy Treat paste provides a healthier treat alternative with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Liver flavor encourages chewing to satisfy dogs’ natural food-driven instincts. Whether used in a Kong, lick mat, or directly as a training treat, this tasty paste is sure to keep your dog motivated.

Fill Treat Toys Easily with No-Mess Dispensing

Forget messy hand stuffing! The Easy Treat paste can sprays directly into Kongs and hollow chew toys in seconds.

Simply insert the nozzle tip into the toy opening and press gently to dispense desired amount of paste. The resealable can locks in freshness between uses.

The paste texture adheres well to surfaces, making it perfect for coating interactive lick mats and slow feeder bowls too. Your dog will be kept engaged and challenged as they work to lick up every delicious drop.

Make Mealtime More Enjoyable

Transform boring bowls into engaging brain games! Apply Easy Treat paste to your dog’s slow feeder bowl or directly onto their kibble. This encourages slower eating and makes your dog work for their food.

Stuffing Kong toys with paste is a great way to tire your dog before crating or keep them busy when left home alone. Freezing the Kong first makes it an even more challenging and long-lasting treat.

All-Natural Recipe Made in the USA

KONG Easy Dog Treat Liver Flavor Paste is proudly made in the USA with quality ingredients for safety you can trust. The short list of all-natural ingredients includes liver, vegetable glycerin, gum Arabic, gellan gum, and water.

There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives that can be harmful to dogs. It’s even guaranteed analysis safe by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). What you see is what you get!

Customers Are Loving This No-Mess Treat

Pet owners rave about how KONG Easy Treat paste keeps their dogs entertained for hours. They also love how quick and convenient it is to fill Kongs and lick mats without the mess. Here’s what fellow pet parents are saying:

“This stuff is perfect for my dog’s Kongs and lasts longer than peanut butter.”

“I bought this for my dog’s lick mat and she spends so much time licking it clean!”

“Works great smeared inside my dog’s slow feed bowl. Makes mealtime take 10x longer!”

“Such an easy way to fill my dog’s Kongs to keep him busy. And he LOVES the liver flavor.”

Dinnertime, playtime, or any time is better with KONG Easy Treat Liver Flavor Dog Paste. Satisfy your dog’s cravings while making treat time paws-itively mess-free for you!


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