KONG Chicken-Flavored Grain-Free Dog Training Treats


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Reward your loyal companion with KONG Bites Chicken Flavor grain-free soft training treats. These bite-sized goodies are made in the USA with natural ingredients.

KONG Bites have an irresistible chicken taste dogs love. They are formulated grain-free with no wheat, corn or soy. The treats contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

The small size makes them perfect for training rewards and fitting inside interactive puzzle toys. Give your pup a tasty KONG Bites treat anytime they obey a command or complete a trick. Positive reinforcement is key for effective training.

Dog parents love the chicken flavor:

“These grain-free training treats have been a game changer for reinforcing commands with my picky Poodle. She goes crazy for the chicken taste.”

“I like bringing these on walks to reward good leash behavior for my reactive rescue dog. The soft texture is easy for him to chew.”

“My elderly Chihuahua with few teeth left loves that she can gum these chicken treats easily. Great alternative to hard treats.”

“I use these small treats to distract and reward my high-energy Aussie pup during training. The chicken flavor always gets her attention.”

In addition to rewarding training, KONG Bites are great for:

  • Filling KONG puzzle toys
  • Puppies teething relief
  • Senior dogs with dental issues
  • Distracting and occupying anxious pups
  • Crate training reinforcement

The handy resealable bag keeps the bites fresh between uses. KONG quality dog chews and treats are made to the highest standards in their American facilities.

These grain-free chicken treats are specially created to support dogs’ natural chewing and training needs. KONG has over 40 years experience crafting innovative dog toys and treats.

Dog parents trust the KONG brand to produce safe, high-quality products for their furry companions. The small chicken-flavored bites are irresistible to dogs and perfect for rewarding good behaviors.

For positive reinforcement training that your dog enjoys, treat them to KONG’s chicken Bites. Their tasty grain-free recipe will have your pup eager to listen and obey!

Benefits of KONG Bites Chicken Dog Treats

  • Made in the USA – Crafted in American facilities
  • Grain-free formula – Wheat, corn and soy free
  • Natural ingredients – No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Irresistible chicken flavor – Taste dogs love
  • Ideal training size – Perfect for rewarding behaviors
  • Stuffable treat – Fits inside KONG puzzle toys
  • Puppies to seniors – Safe for all dogs
  • Teething relief – Gentle on sore puppy teeth
  • Dental health – Supports oral hygiene
  • Resealable bag – Seals in freshness

KONG’s chicken-flavored Bites provide a nutritious way to positively reinforce training. Their bite-size is perfect for basic commands or advanced tricks.

With rewards-based training, your dog gets tasty treats for their companionship and obedience. It creates an enjoyable experience for you both.

“Good boy, here’s a yummy KONG Bite for you!”

These grain-free bites support your dog’s overall health too. Their digestible recipe is gentle on sensitive stomachs. The chewy texture benefits oral hygiene as well.

Dog parents agree these chicken training treats make teaching obedience fun for the whole family. Your dog will be eager to listen and please when tasty KONG Bites are their reward.

Get a bag of these chicken-flavored treats today and make your next training session extra motivating and positive for your furry student. KONG Bites are sure to become your pup’s new favorite training reward!


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