KONG Bacon & Cheese Snacks and Easy Treat Paste


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Treat your dog to a tasty combo pack from KONG that features both crunchy Bacon & Cheese Snacks and creamy Bacon & Cheese Easy Treat paste. This dynamic bacon and cheese duo provides the perfect balance of textures to keep your pup engaged and satisfied.

The oven-baked Bacon & Cheese Snacks offer a crispy, crunchy bite for your dog to sink their teeth into. These tasty morsels are great for using as training rewards or for crumbling on top of kibble to tempt picky eaters. Their mini size is perfect for dogs of all sizes.

Easy Treat is a smooth, mouthwatering paste that can be conveniently squeezed into KONG interactive toys or stuffed into chew bones using the easy-dispense can. It helps turn mealtime into a challenging game as your dog licks every last ounce of bacon and cheese yumminess.

Together this combo pack offers:

  • Crunchy and smooth textures
  • Mouthwatering bacon and cheese flavor
  • Highly motivational training treats
  • Stuffer for filling KONG toys
  • Satisfies food drive instincts

The crunchy Snacks provide a satisfying chew while the paste offers irresistible flavor for even the pickiest eaters. Both are made in the USA with premium ingredients and contain no artificial colors or preservatives.

KONG knows how to perfectly meet dogs’ instincts to play, chew and savor delightful flavors. For over 40 years they have designed unique toys and treats with dogs’ specific needs in mind.

Pet parents love satisfying their pups with this winning bacon and cheese combo:

“The Easy Treat paste keeps my heavy chewer occupied for a long time when I freeze it into his KONGs.”

“Those Bacon & Cheese Snacks are the highest value training treats I’ve found for their size and price.”

“I mix the crunchy Snacks into my elderly dog’s kibble to entice her to eat. The bacon aroma really helps.”

Give your dog the ultimate bacon and cheese treat experience with this KONG combo pack. The mixture of textures and flavors is sure to satisfy even the pickiest pooch!

Benefits of KONG Bacon & Cheese Combo Pack

  • Crunchy and smooth textures – Provides variety
  • Stuffed treat and standalone – Different use cases
  • Highly palatable flavors – Engages taste drive
  • Motivating training rewards – Reinforces obedience
  • Satisfies food cravings – Reduces begging
  • Encourages finicky eaters – Improves appetite
  • Prolongs chewing time – Eases boredom
  • Vet recommended ingredients – Digestible and healthy

With crunchy snacks and creamy paste, this KONG combo has everything needed to satisfy even the pickiest pooch. Get your dog howling for these mouthwatering bacon and cheese treats!


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