KITTAIL Premium Copper Dog Bell with Snap Clips – The Elegant Yet Functional Way to Track Your Furry Friend’s Whereabouts


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Is your canine companion constantly slipping away unseen into the bushes, leaving you calling out their name in vain? Do you wish you could hear exactly where they roam when out of sight on walks or in the yard? Equip your pampered pooch with the premium KITTAIL copper dog bell, and you’ll always know their location thanks to the clear, melodic chime.

Forged from pure copper with a rich, russet finish, these bells add a touch of elegance to your dog’s collar while alerting you to their movements. The round, two-inch tall design produces a fuller, more resonant tone than cheap brass bells, so you can pinpoint your pet’s position from a greater distance. Listen for the gentle ring signaling playtime or announcing your dog’s return from exploring the great outdoors.

Key Features:

Versatile and Easy to Use
The built-in heavy duty snap makes attaching these copper bells to your dog’s collar a breeze. Simply unclip the snap, thread it onto any size D-ring, and reconnect. The snap’s rolling swivel prevents tangling as your dog plays and explores. Bells stay securely in place, thanks to the snap’s sturdy spring closure.

Protects Birds and Wildlife

Unbellled dogs who roam unchecked take a devastating toll on wild birds and animals. Songbirds feeding fledglings, quail tending nests, and rabbits raising kits all fall victim to unannounced canine predators. Give local wildlife a fighting chance by alerting them to your dog’s presence with a ring of the bell.

Locate Your Pet Instantly
Wondering where your pup slipped off to? The bell’s clear sound makes locating your dog easy, whether on walks, playing in the yard, or roaming on hikes. Never lose track of your pet again, thanks to these reliable copper bells.

Durable, Tangle-Resistant Design

Crafted from solid copper, these premium bells will keep ringing for years. They resist corrosion and maintain their bright, glossy finish over time. The swiveling snap prevents frustrating tangles as your dog plays and explores on leash.

Fits All Size Dogs and Collars

Custom designed to fit standard collar D-rings, these bells adjust to fit small and large dogs alike. Their two-inch height and wide 0.55 inch diameter produces a loud, resonant tone that carries well outdoors. Give any size pet a voice with KITTAIL bells.

Elegant Accessory for Pampered Pets
With their brilliant copper finish, these bells add a touch of luxury to every leash. Adorn your refined pet’s collar with this tasteful accent that announces their approach with a rich chime. An elegant alternative to brass bells.

Hassle-Free Satisfaction Guarantee
We stand behind our premium bells 100%. If you experience any defects, simply contact KITTAIL to receive a replacement set. We believe in complete customer satisfaction with every purchase.

Don’t settle for muffled, unreliable cheap bells that corrode and fall off. The KITTAIL copper dog bell uses quality materials to produce a fuller, more resonant tone for clear signaling. Let the beautiful chime give you peace of mind by indicating your pet’s location at all times. Order a set today, and take your dog walking adventures to the next level!


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