Kingdom Pets Grain-Free Duck Breast Jerky Dog Treats – 40oz


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Give your dog a delicious, protein-packed treat with Kingdom Pets Duck Breast Jerky. These premium jerky strips are made from pure duck breast fillet and contain no fillers, grains, soy or corn. Just wholesome, natural duck breast your dog will love!

The duck is raised in the USA on family farms then slowly air-dried to create lightly textured, flavorful jerky. With 40 ounces per resealable bag, you get plenty of treats to reward and enjoy bonding time with your furry friend.

Protein-Rich Duck Breast

The single ingredient is premium quality duck breast fillet from American farms. Duck is a novel protein that provides essential amino acids to support your dog’s muscles and organs.

This lean meat contains higher levels of iron and zinc compared to chicken or beef. It also provides omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat.

Limited Ingredient

Duck breast is the only ingredient. No grains, soy, corn, fillers, preservatives or artificial flavors are added – just pure duck breast!

This makes Kingdom Pets Jerky a great choice for dogs with food sensitivities. The minimal ingredients reduce risk of allergic reaction.

Natural Air-Dried Process

The duck breasts are gently dried, preserving the flavors and nutrition your dog craves. This process concentrates the natural duck flavors for an intense taste.

The jerky has a lightly chewy texture that satisfies dogs’ instinct to gnaw while helping clean teeth. Easily torn into any size pieces too!

Wholesome Treats

High in protein and essential fatty acids, these jerky strips nourish your dog with every treat. They support healthy muscles, skin, coat, organs and immunity.

The rich duck flavor will have your dog drooling! Use Kingdom Pets Duck Jerky as a tasty training reward or special snack.

Made in the USA and free of fillers, grains, soy and corn. Give your dog the gift of delicious, wholesome jerky treats!


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