Kingdom Pets Duck & Sweet Potato Twists Dog Treats – 48oz


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Give your dog a mouthwatering chewy treat with Kingdom Pets Duck Jerky wrapped Sweet Potato Twists. These limited ingredient treats combine delicious duck jerky wrapped around sweet potato for a flavor and texture combo your dog will love!

The duck and sweet potato are gently dried to retain nutrients. With 48 ounces per resealable bag, you get plenty of tasty twists to reward and bond with your furry friend.

Duck Breast Jerky Wrapped Sweet Potato

The all-natural sweet potato twists provide a chewy texture that satisfies dogs’ instinct to gnaw. Wrapped around them is savory duck breast jerky!

Duck delivers essential amino acids to support your dog’s muscles and organs. The sweet potato supplies vitamin A, fiber and antioxidants.

Limited Ingredients

There are only two ingredients – sweet potato and duck breast. No grains, soy, corn, artificial flavors, colors or fillers are added.

This makes Kingdom Pets Twists great for dogs with food sensitivities. The minimal ingredients reduce risk of allergic reaction.

Natural Air-Dried Process

The duck and sweet potatoes are gently dried to lock in the flavors, textures and nutrition dogs crave.

This process concentrates their tastes into an irresistible jerky wrapped chew. Easily torn into any size pieces too!

Wholesome Nutrition

Loaded with protein, antioxidants, fiber and healthy carbohydrates, these twists provide balanced nutrition to nourish your dog’s whole body.

Your dog will go crazy for the savory duck jerky wrapped around the sweet potato! Perfect training treats or snacks.

Made in the USA with minimal ingredients and no fillers or grains. Give your dog delicious duck and sweet potato twists!


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