Ketona Zero-Carb Chicken Liver Treats for Dogs – 3oz Bag


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Give your dog a protein-packed, zero-carb treat with Ketona Chicken Liver Bites! These 100% freeze-dried chicken liver treats deliver a powerhouse of nutrition in a delicious, enticing form dogs love.

Made with just one ingredient, these treats contain no carbohydrates, artificial ingredients, preservatives, or fillers. It’s simply pure chicken liver freeze-dried to crispy, savory perfection.

High in Protein, Zero Carbs

With over 52% high-quality animal protein from chicken liver, these treats pack a protein punch to support your dog’s muscle maintenance and daily energy needs.

And because they contain zero carbs, these treats are perfect for dogs on low-carb, ketogenic, or ancestral diets. There’s no need to worry about unnecessary carbohydrates.

100% Natural Single-Ingredient

The single ingredient is USA-raised chicken liver. No preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, fillers, or mystery ingredients – just pure chicken liver prepared through freeze-drying to lock in nutrients and flavor.

This gentle process removes moisture while retaining the natural chicken liver taste and texture dogs love. The treats have a long shelf life without needing any artificial preservatives.

Delicious Taste Dogs Crave

These natural liver treats have a savory umami flavor and pleasantly crispy texture when bite-sized. The smell and taste of real chicken liver is irresistible even to picky dogs!

Sprinkle these freeze-dried treats on your dog’s kibble as an appetizing meal topper. Use them as a high-value training reward for even better engagement and responsiveness.

Made in the USA

Ketona Chicken Liver Treats are proudly made in the USA from chickens raised in the USA. You can feel good knowing they come from trusted American sources.

The manufacturing facility meets stringent quality standards for purity and safety. Expect only the highest quality treats in each bag.

Ancestral Canine Diet

Dogs’ wild ancestors ate a low-carb, high protein and fat diet from meat, organs and bones. Ketona treats help dogs get back to their ancestral nutritional roots.

Chicken liver provides natural flavors dogs crave and the nutrients they need – protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. For over 99% of canine evolution, dogs ate this way!

Try Ketona Chicken Liver Treats for a delicious, natural treat that taps into your dog’s primal nutritional needs. With their irresistible umami taste and zero carbs, they make the perfect training reward too!


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