Keep Your Pup Safe and Comfy in the Car with Junreox’s 3rd Gen Dog Seat Belt


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Going for rides in the car is so much fun for dogs, but it can also be dangerous if they aren’t properly secured. Protect your furry friend with Junreox’s 3rd Generation Dog Seat Belt – the smart way to restrain your dog while driving.

This top-rated dog car harness seat belt utilizes sturdy metal buckles and elastic bungee to keep your pup secure and comfortable. The adjustable straps and dual-layer high density nylon fabric ensure a snug yet flexible fit for small, medium and large breed dogs.

Key Features:

Total Safety: The elastic bungee absorbs shock and allows movement while keeping your dog restrained in the backseat. The short leash keeps them from jumping into the front seat or out an open door. No more distracted driving worrying about your unrestrained dog!

Comfortable Design: Padding around the soft neck strap prevents chafing. Your dog can sit, stand or lie down without the straps biting into their skin.

Universal Fit: Fits any vehicle make and model. Attaches securely around the headrest or latches into the seat buckle. Works with any harness or collar too.

Heavy-Duty Materials: The straps are made of durable nylon that withstands puppy chewing and scratching. It won’t snap even with large, powerful dogs.

Reflective Threads: The harness has reflective threads sewn into the straps for enhanced visibility and safety if you’re driving at night or in low-light conditions.

Restrain Your Dog in Comfort and Safety

Dogs will be dogs, and that means trying to climb around the car while you’re driving! Prevent dangerous distractions and accidents with Junreox’s simple but effective dog seat belt.

The elastic bungee design absorbs shock and tension when your dog moves around or jumps in the backseat. The short leash keeps them from climbing into the front seat while allowing just enough movement to be comfortable.

Built-in padding cushions sensitive areas like the neck and chest to prevent chafing. Your dog can sit, stand, or lie down without the straps digging into their skin.

Universal, Multi-Functional Design

Junreox’s dog seat belt is designed to fit any make and model of car. Just loop the straps around the headrest or latch them into the seat buckle – it’s that easy!

The harness securely holds dogs of all sizes from small breeds like Yorkies to large dogs such as German Shepherds. Adjust the straps to customize the perfect snug yet flexible fit.

You can attach the harness to your dog’s collar or use it with their regular walking harness for extra security. It works brilliantly as both a car restraint and a short safety leash when going from the car to the vet, park, etc.

Heavy-Duty, Durable Materials

Junreox only uses top-quality materials designed to withstand regular use. The straps are made of double-layer high density nylon fabric for durability, with no weak spots or loose stitching.

The sturdy metal buckles and latch clip are wrapped in soft protective sleeves. Your dog can tug, bite and scratch without damaging the mechanism or harming themselves.

Reflective threads woven throughout the harness straps improve visibility at night. This important safety feature alerts other drivers when you’re walking your dog after dark.

Order Junreox’s Dog Seat Belt for Your Pup’s Safety

Don’t risk an unrestrained dog in your car! Junreox’s adjustable dog seat belt harness keeps your best furry friend safe while driving.

The smart bungee design absorbs shock and tension, giving just enough leash to be comfortable without allowing unsafe freedom of movement.

Universal fit and durable construction make this dog car harness ideal for any breed. Your dog will enjoy stress-free rides while you focus on driving safely.

Order today and receive TWO adjustable seat belt harnesses to cover all your bases. Junreox stands behind their product with a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Get peace of mind knowing your pup is secure in the backseat so you can focus on the road ahead. Junreox’s 3rd generation dog seat belt is a must-have for pet owners who drive!


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