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As a pet owner, ensuring your furry friend’s safety and keeping them from getting into trouble areas of the home is a top priority. That’s why pet gates are such an essential item for any home with pets. The North States MyPet Wide Pet Gate is the ideal solution for containing your pets while still allowing family members to easily move between rooms.

Adjustable Width and Retractable Pet Door for Versatility

One of the great features of this pet gate is its adjustable width, extending from 29.75” to 40.5” wide. This allows you to securely fit the gate in a variety of doorways and hallways in your home. No matter the unique layout of your home, you’ll be able to find a perfect fit with the included width extensions.

For added functionality, this gate comes equipped with a retractable pet door with 3 height adjustments. This gives your smaller pets easy access between rooms while keeping larger pets or children safely contained. When not in use, the pet door can retract fully into the gate frame.

Sturdy Metal Construction Built to Last

Unlike cheaper plastic pet gates, the North States MyPet gate is crafted from heavy-duty metal for stability and durability. The solid metal construction gives this gate the strength to withstand daily use and keep your pets safely contained. Its sleek graphite gray finish allows the gate to blend in with any home décor style.

The gate features closely spaced vertical bars that make climbing over nearly impossible for dogs and cats. When properly installed, you can have peace of mind knowing this gate will securely contain your furry escape artists.

Easy, Tool-Free Installation

One of the headaches of pet gates is struggling with complicated installation. But the North States MyPet gate takes the frustration out of setup with an easy, tool-free design.

The gate uses a sturdy pressure mount to securely wedge between door frames or hallways without any drilling or hardware required. Simply turn the handles to expand the gate until tightly wedged. No tools for installation means you can quickly move the gate between rooms or doorway openings as needed.

When unpacking the gate, you may notice it does not sit perfectly square. This is normal and does not indicate any damage. Be sure to carefully follow the included instruction manual for how to properly align and install the gate for maximum security and stability.

Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy

Pets require regular exercise to stay fit and stimulated. The retractable pet door in this gate gives them freedom to safely pass between rooms for playtime and exploring. This promotes better behavior, health, and happiness for your furry friend.

The gate also allows you to easily contain your pet while cleaning or during gatherings with guests. No more chasing after your pet to keep them away from unsafe areas or disruptive situations.

Gain Peace of Mind Knowing Your Pet is Safe

As a pet owner, you want assurance your furry companion is protected when you’re not around. This pet gate gives you that peace of mind so you can focus on other tasks knowing your pet is safely contained. No more worrying about pets getting into trash, chewing on furniture, or having accidents in off-limit areas of the home.
You can also use this gate to separate dogs and cats that don’t get along. The secure metal bars will safely keep them separated to prevent fights or injuries.

High Quality and Safety Standards

The North States company is proudly USA owned and operated. All their pet gates and accessories are rigorously tested to meet the highest standards for safety, quality, and performance. When you choose a North States pet product, you can trust it was designed with your pet’s well-being in mind.

As pet owners ourselves, we know choosing safe, high-quality products for your furry family members is a top concern. That’s why we confidently recommend the North States MyPet Wide Pet Gate for conveniently containing your pet without sacrificing security.

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