Keep Your Furry Friend Safe and Secure in the Car with the Kurgo Auto Zipline for Dogs


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Driving with an unrestrained dog in the car can be stressful and dangerous for both you and your pet. Dogs love sticking their heads out the window and moving around the vehicle as you drive, which can lead to distracted driving accidents. The Kurgo Auto Zipline for Dogs is the innovative solution that keeps your dog safe while giving them freedom to move in the backseat or cargo area.

Reduce Distracted Driving and Keep Your Dog Safe

The Kurgo Zipline is an adjustable tether that attaches between two fixed points in your vehicle, keeping your dog securely in the backseat or cargo area. This prevents them from climbing into the front seat, jumping out open doors or windows, or causing other distracting behavior that can lead to accidents. With the Zipline secured, you can focus on the road while knowing exactly where your dog is at all times.

Gives Your Dog Freedom to Move Around

While keeping your dog safely secured, the zipline’s adjustable leash still gives them 6 feet of freedom to move, stand up, lie down, and get comfortable on car rides. The zipline glides smoothly along the line as your dog moves around, keeping them from getting tangled up or caught.

Easy, Versatile Installation in Any Vehicle

The Zipline can be installed between any two fixed anchor points in your car, truck or SUV – simply clip one carabiner to each end. You can attach it to seat belts, ceiling handles, cargo hooks or tie-downs. It works great attached between the rear seat shoulder belts or from the cargo area up to the back seat in an SUV.

Installation takes just seconds and requires no tools or hardware. The zipline is designed for use in all types of vehicles.

Complete Package Includes Everything You Need

The Kurgo Zipline comes with:

  • 6-foot zipline with smooth-gliding buckle
  • 6-foot adjustable leash/tether
  • 2 strong metal carabiner clips

Just attach each end of the zipline using the carabiners, then clip your dog’s leash onto the gliding zipline buckle. It’s ready to use right out of the box.

Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy

The Kurgo Zipline is a must-have for any dog owner who drives with their pet. It keeps your dog secure in the backseat or cargo area, reducing distracted driving risks. Your dog will enjoy being able to move around while staying safely tethered.

Both you and your furry friend will love the peace of mind the Kurgo Auto Zipline provides during car rides. Order yours today and drive safer with your unrestrained dogs!

Customer Reviews

“This product is great. I have two large dogs and my smaller dog was constantly being knocked around in the back seat when turning or stopping quickly. Now she is on her zipline clipped to the seatbelt and is safe and secure.” – Mary T.

“I was having trouble with my dog trying to get into the front seat while I was driving. The zipline keeps him safely in the back cargo area of my SUV secured to the back seat shoulder belts. He can still move around and lie down comfortably without distracting me.” – Dan L.

“The zipline was super easy to install and works perfectly for keeping my dog safe and giving me peace of mind when driving. I attached it to the cargo hooks in my crossover and she stays put in the back without tangling herself up.” – Sheila R.


  • Reduces distracted driving by keeping dogs secured in the backseat/cargo area
  • Adjustable 6ft leash gives dogs freedom of movement
  • Smooth-gliding zipline buckle prevents tangling
  • Includes 6ft zipline, adjustable leash & 2 carabiners
  • Easy installation between any two fixed points in your vehicle
  • Versatile for use in cars, trucks, SUVs
  • Recommended for use with a dog car harness (sold separately)

So stop worrying about your dog wandering around the car while you’re driving. Get the safe, secure solution with the Kurgo Auto Zipline for Dogs. Order now and you’ll be ready for your next road trip or everyday errand with complete peace of mind. Your furry friend will thank you!


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