Keep Your Furry Friend Safe and Found with the IP68 Waterproof AirTag Dog Collar Holder


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Does your curious canine have a knack for wandering off? Do you worry when your adventurous pup slips out the door and embarks on a solo expedition around the neighborhood? We love our furry friends, but sometimes their strong sense of wanderlust can get them into trouble. Keep your pup secure and give yourself peace of mind with the IP68 waterproof AirTag dog collar holder!

Built to Withstand Your Pup’s Antics

Pups will be pups, which means your dog’s AirTag holder needs to stand up to rough play, muddy hikes, and romps through the water. That’s why our AirTag holder is made from ultra-durable ABS composite and pure PC material. It can withstand the daily rigors of an active dog lifestyle without cracking or breaking.

The fully sealed design keeps out dirt, debris, and moisture. Take your four-legged friend swimming or running through the rain without worrying about water damage to the AirTag inside. The built-in waterproof ring provides an extra barrier against the elements.

Stay Visible and Safe After Dark

Does your dog go bonkers over fetch at the park? Do they love sunset strolls and nighttime neighborhood patrols? The reflective strip on our AirTag holder improves visibility in low-light conditions. Drivers and cyclists will spot your pup more easily after dark, keeping them safe on late walks. The reflective strip also makes it easier to keep an eye on your dog’s whereabouts when you’re enjoying evenings in the backyard.

Hassle-Free Attachment for Any Collar

Securing most AirTag holders is a pain, requiring you to remove your dog’s collar, disassemble the buckle, and pry open split rings to thread on the holder. Who has time for all that with an excited pup spinning circles? Not me!

Our smart AirTag dog collar holder uses self-piercing screws to easily attach to any collar up to 6mm wide. The micro-screws are specially designed to securely pierce leather, nylon, and other fabrics without damaging the integrity of the collar. No need to undo buckles or remove split rings. Simply place it on your dog’s collar where desired and tighten the screws by hand for instant attachment.

The holder fits securely on collars of any width or style. It attaches equally well to harnesses too. Once installed, the holder stays firmly in place and does not jiggle or dangle.

Track Your Dog from Your Phone

Tired of chasing after escaped pets? Frustrated by fences and gates left open by forgetful kids and guests? Keep tabs on your dog’s location right from your smartphone with the Find My app.

When your pup slips their collar or sneaks through an unlatched gate, pull out your phone to quickly see where they roamed off to. View their location on a map in real-time and go collect your adventure-bound escape artist before they get into trouble. It’s like a high-tech invisible leash providing security and peace of mind.

The long-lasting user-replaceable battery in the AirTag lasts for over a year. You’ll get alerted when the battery runs low so you can easily swap in a fresh one.

More Than Just a Pet Tracker

While this rugged, waterproof holder is ideal for attaching an AirTag to your dog’s collar, the uses don’t stop there. Keep an AirTag in your child’s backpack to monitor their location on school field trips and outings with friends. Slip one in your suitcase handle so you can track your bags if an airline loses them. Stick AirTags on keychains, cameras, purses, and more.

The compact 1.26 x 1.26 x 0.31 inch holder takes up minimal space, so you can track most items incognito. The included ring also allows you to attach the holder to backpacks, belt loops, zippers, and other equipment.

Find Your Furry Friend Risk-Free

Bring some peace of mind into your life, and invest in your dog’s safety, with the IP68 waterproof AirTag dog collar holder. We back it with a 30 day money back guarantee and 12 month product warranty. If you’re not completely satisfied with this ultra-durable tracker, just let us know. We’ll make it right.

Keep your pets out of trouble and give yourself a little more freedom. Order the IP68 waterproof AirTag holder today!


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