Keep Your Furry Friend Identified with Jovitec’s Dog Tag Clips and Rings


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Losing a pet is every owner’s worst nightmare. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your furry friends are always properly identified when out and about. Jovitec’s 12 piece set of dog tag clips and rings ensures your pets’ tags stay securely attached no matter how active they get!

3 Sizes For a Custom Fit

Jovitec’s kit comes with 3 different sizes of durable zinc alloy rings to accommodate almost any pet ID tag. The 1 inch size works great for cats and small dogs. Medium to large breed dogs will fit the 1.1 inch size comfortably. And the 1.2 inch ring is ideal for extra thick or oversized tags. No more dealing with tags that slip off or hang at awkward angles. Jovitec’s variety of sizes means you can find a snug, secure fit for each of your pets’ collars.

Sturdy Metal Won’t Break or Bend

The tag rings and clips are constructed from premium zinc alloy that is built to last. Unlike flimsy plastic holders that crack and break over time, these metal accessories can withstand years of daily use without any wear or damage. The tough alloy won’t bend out of shape or allow tags to slip free. No matter how rowdy your pets get during playtime, you can count on the tag clips and rings to hold strong.

Streamlined Profile Lays Flat

The circular shaped rings and clips have a slim, streamlined profile that lays flat against your pet’s collar. This prevents the tags from spinning and getting tangled in fur like bulky plastic holders often do. The smooth, snag-free design also helps prevent the tags from accidentally getting caught on branches or fences when your pets are exploring the outdoors. No more dealing with twisted, irritating tags that drive your dogs and cats crazy!

Quick On and Off for Collar Changes

Taking your pet’s collar on and off is a breeze with the spring-loaded clips. Just squeeze the ends to open wide enough to slide collars through easily. The clips provide a secure grip without any complicated buckles or fasteners to fiddle with. Changing your furry friend’s collar is quick and simple while still keeping those important ID tags in place at all times. No more mixing up collars or accidentally leaving tags behind.

More Than Just Dog Tags

While they work great for pet ID tags, the handy ring and clip set has unlimited other uses too. Attach them to keys, backpacks, belt loops, leashes, and more. The durable metal construction means they’re up for anything you clip them too. Let your creativity run wild dreaming up ways to use these versatile rings and clips!

Invest in Your Pet’s Safety

As a pet owner, keeping your animals safe should be a top priority. An ID tag is one of the best ways to provide peace of mind that your pet will be returned if they ever get lost. Don’t leave it up to flimsy, unreliable tag holders that easily fail. Jovitec’s sturdy, well-made set is a small investment that could save your pet’s life.

Buy Now to Keep Your Pets Secure

Jovitec’s tag clip and ring combo pack has everything needed to keep your pets’ ID tags securely attached. The variety of sizes ensures a custom fit for all your furry friends. Don’t risk losing your beloved companions. Order this essential set today to properly ID and protect your pets.


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