Keep Your Four-Legged Friend Safe While Driving with the Kurgo Dog Seat Belt Tether


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As a dog owner, ensuring your pup’s safety should always be a top priority, including when traveling together in the car. While some dogs love going for rides, others can get anxious or overly excited, leading to distracted driving or even dangerous situations if they’re loose in the backseat. That’s why the Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength dog seat belt tether is such an important accessory for any pet parent. This simple but ingenious product keeps your dog securely in place while allowing just enough movement to stay comfortable on car rides.

Prevent Distracted Driving and Leaping into the Front Seat

The 10 inch Kurgo tether connects your dog’s harness to the seat belt in your back seat, restricting forward movement. No more leaning into the front to give you sloppy kisses at inopportune moments! The seat belt keeps your pup safely in the backseat where they belong, eliminating distracted driving worries. Dogs who get anxious in cars and try to pace back and forth or jump out of open windows will also be kept secure with this restraint.

Comfortable Design Allows Your Dog to Relax

While keeping your dog safe, the Kurgo tether also allows enough slack for them to curl up comfortably or change positions. The tether won’t pull tight and restrain their movement unnecessarily. Your pup can relax while you focus on driving safely.

Works Seamlessly with Most Harnesses and Vehicles

The Kurgo dog seat belt tether features a sturdy metal clip that easily attaches to your dog’s vest or harness so you don’t have to buy additional products. The seat belt loop fits standard seat belts up to 1.75 inches wide and is 10 inches long, fitting most cars, trucks and SUVs. It doesn’t work with Volvos or Ford trucks, but provides a universal, hassle-free fit for nearly any vehicle.

High Strength Design for Safety

Constructed from durable woven mountain climbing rope, this tether was built to withstand pull pressure without breaking. The metal carabiner and stitching are reinforced to prevent failure as well. While keeping your dog secure, the Kurgo seat belt tether undergoes rigorous strength testing to ensure it can hold up to all your adventures together.

Additional Tether Included for Multiple Vehicles

For added convenience, this package comes with an extra tether so you can keep one in each of your vehicles. Easily take your dog in the car, whether driving your daily commute vehicle or heading out on a weekend trip in the SUV. No need to detach and reattach a single tether every time you switch cars.

The Importance of Safely Restraining Dogs in Vehicles

Unrestrained dogs in moving vehicles can easily be injured or killed in an accident, just like humans. A 60 pound dog will exert a force of 2,700 pounds in a crash at only 30 mph! Further, they become a dangerous projectile that can injure human passengers when unrestrained. Properly using a crash-tested harness paired with a seat belt restraint like this Kurgo tether ensures your dog stays safe while riding.

Distracted driving is also a huge risk with loose dogs that can move freely in the car. Taking your eyes off the road for just 2 seconds doubles your chances of crashing. Leaning into the back seat to interact with your dog takes your eyes and attention away from driving. Restraining dogs in the back seat eliminates driver distraction and risk.

Buy the Kurgo Dog Seat Belt for Safety, Convenience and Comfort

The Kurgo Tru-Fit dog seat belt tether is a must-have accessory for any dog owner who travels with their furry companion. This simple restraint keeps your pup secure in the backseat, preventing distracted driving while allowing comfortable movement. The high-strength design attaches to any harness and fits most vehicles for convenience, with an extra tether included.

Keep your four-legged friend safe while exploring the world together by buckling them up with the Kurgo seat belt tether. Both you and your dog can ride in comfort knowing they are secure.


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