Keep Your Best Friend Close With the Leashboss Short Dog Leash for Training and Safety


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Is your four-legged friend strong, energetic, and always raring to go on walks? As much as you love their enthusiasm, their pulling and lunging can make walks stressful and tiring. The Leashboss Short Dog Leash is the top choice for gaining control over your overexcited pet while keeping them safely by your side.

Short Leash Benefits:

  • Reinforces good leash manners and heel walking
  • Allows close control in distracting environments
  • Comfortable padded handle protects your hands
  • Available in multiple sizes to suit any dog breed

This short leash is a must-have training tool for professional dog trainers, shelters, rescues, and any pet parent struggling with their dog’s poor leash habits. By keeping your dog within a foot or two of your side, it teaches them to focus on you instead of being distracted and pulling ahead. The close proximity also allows you to quickly correct unwanted behaviors like lunging or reacting to passing dogs and people.

With patience and consistency, your dog will learn to walk politely on a loose leash. The short length eases frustration and gives you reliable control so you can concentrate on positive reinforcement training. Go from dreading walk time to enjoying strolls together!

Ergonomic Handle Provides a Secure, Comfortable Grip

Long walks are no fun if you have to battle against your dog’s strength. An average leash can slip and slide in your hands, while holding it tightly strains your fingers, hands, and wrists. With the Leashboss short leash, the padded neoprene handle makes walking any size dog comfortable and secure.

The dense foam casing cushions your palm against the forces of even persistent pullers like Husky and Pitbull breeds. Your grip stays strong without painful digging into your fingers, so you can focus fully on your dog instead of your aching hand. The flexible neoprene also ensures a custom fit for any hand size.

For ultimate comfort, choose the Leashboss with the ergonomic traffic handle design. This style was originally created for service dog training to provide maximum control. The vertical handle position keeps your arm and wrist in a natural position while discouraging your dog from forging ahead. With either handle option, the short leash gives you the control needed for safe, stress-free walks.

Durable Construction and Secure Hardware

Don’t let a flimsy leash put your dog’s safety at risk. The Leashboss short leash uses tough 1-inch wide nylon webbing that won’t stretch or snap under pressure. It’s reinforced by high tensile strength stitching designed to withstand heavy pulling from excited large breed dogs.

A sturdy 360 degree swivel bolt snap securely and smoothly clips onto your dog’s collar or harness. The metal clasp swivels to prevent tangling and twisting, while the spring-loaded mechanism keeps it securely attached even during strong lunging. No more worrying about mechanical failures resulting in a loose dog!

Choose from length options between 12 and 30 inches to suit dogs of all sizes. Measure from the handle to the clip end to pick the right level of control for your pet’s size and temperament. Going shorter is ideal for maintaining close heel walking, while a longer short leash works well for small or timid pups.

Safely Control Multiple Dogs

Wrangling two dogs on individual leashes can quickly lead to a tangled mess! With a short leash, you can walk a pair of pooches with better coordination and less frustration. Use it as a secondary leash attached to a splitter or coupler along with your regular 6 foot leads.

The short length allows you to keep one exuberant dog from dragging its walking partner around. Having both handles close together also gives you more synchronized control and quicker response time to correct problem behaviors. No more leashes wrapping around legs or pets winding each other up – just pleasant pack walks together!

Train a Polite Leash Walker in Three Simple Steps

The Leashboss short leash makes training loose leash manners easy. Follow these tips for turning your overexcited puller into a focused walker:

1. Use Proper Equipment

Always use a well-fitted harness designed for dogs who pull, such as an Easy Walk or Sense-ation. Attach the short leash to the front clip to turn your dog when they lunge. This mimics mother dog’s corrections and redirects their attention back to you.

2. Reward Good Behavior

Reward your dog with treats and praise when they walk close to your side without pulling. Use high-value treats to keep their focus during distractions. Regularly change direction and pace to reinforce paying attention.

3. Be Consistent

Briefly stop or turn when your dog tries to pull ahead. Don’t allow any slack in the leash. With calm patience and consistency, your dog will learn pulling gets them nowhere but walking politely keeps the adventure going.

With the Leashboss short leash as your training tool, you’ll be strolling together happily in no time!

We Stand Behind the Quality of Our Short Dog Leashes

Leashboss creates top-quality leashes designed to make walking your dog secure and comfortable. Our products are thoughtfully designed by fellow pet owners and dog enthusiasts in the USA. We choose only the most durable materials that can withstand daily use and abuse from rambunctious pups.

We’re so confident in the workmanship of our short training leashes that we back them up with our Leashboss Promise manufacturer’s warranty:

  • 1 year coverage against defects in materials and workmanship
  • Chews and tears covered – we know how destructive determined dogs can be!
  • Easy online claims processed within 48 hours
  • Fast replacement or refund of purchase price

We want you to feel secure choosing Leashboss for all your dog walking gear. Our excellent customer service team is happy to address any questions or issues to keep you and your pet happy.

Don’t wait – order the Leashboss short leash today and take control of your walks! With the right tools and positive training, you can teach your overexcited dog good leash manners.


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