kcrygogo Copper Collar Bell for Small Pet, 0.7 inch Bell for Cats and Small Dogs,Noise NOT Loud Come with Silver Pet Anti-Lost ID Pendant Tags (4pcs)


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As a pet owner, keeping your furry friend safe is a top priority. Allowing your cat or small dog to roam freely comes with some risks, like them getting lost or into things they shouldn’t. The solution? The kcrygogo copper collar bell! This pure copper bell provides a subtle jingle to let you know where your pet is without being disruptively loud. The 0.7 inch bell is the perfect size for cats and small dog breeds.

High Quality Copper Construction for Durability

Crafted from 100% pure copper, this collar bell is built to last. Copper has anti-rust properties so it will maintain its shiny finish and pleasant tinkle for years of daily use. The high quality copper used in this bell gives it a richer, warmer tone compared to cheap brass alternatives. The included silver pet tag is engraved with your custom information to get your pet home safe if they do get lost.

Clear But Quiet Jingle Lets Pets Explore While Keeping Their Location Known

Having a vocal cat or excitable small dog is endearing, but constant loud barking or meowing can become tiresome. The kcrygogo copper bell provides a gentle jingle to announce your pet’s location and activity without excessive noise. The subtle sound blends into the background easily so you can keep an ear out for your pet without constant ringing. This makes it ideal for use indoors so your pet can explore and play while you monitor their activity by the occasional pleasant chime of their bell.

Fits All Size Collars Comfortably for Any Breed of Cat or Small Dog

Finding the perfect cat collar with a built-in bell can be tricky when your furry friend is in-between sizes. The kcrygogo copper bell fastens securely onto any width of collar from 3/8 inch up to 1 inch wide. The small 0.7 inch bell hangs closely to the collar without excessive dangling. This prevents the bell from swinging around wildly or catching on objects which could be dangerous for your pet. Whether you have a petite kitten or an adult Maine Coon, this bell stays firmly in place. For dogs, the bell fits collars sized for Chihuahuas, Maltese, Yorkies, Poms and more!

Personalized Anti-Lost ID Pendant Keeps Your Pet Safe

No matter how carefully you watch them, pets still have a knack for slipping out doors or getting lost. Should the unfortunate happen, the included personalized ID pendant may just get your little escape artist home safe and sound. The silver tag’s unique capsule design lets you discreetly insert contact details inside the pendant where they are protected from wear. Engrave your pet’s name and any contact info you want easily accessible on the outside. The pendant capsules smoothly onto your pet’s collar in seconds right alongside the bell.


  • Made of 100% pure anti-rust copper for durability and clearer tone
  • Subtle 0.7 inch bell provides quiet yet noticeable jingle
  • Fits cat collars 3/8 – 1 inch wide and small dog breed collars
  • Bell hangs closely to prevent excessive movement and noise
  • Personalized anti-lost ID pendant includes enclosed capsule for discretion

Ideal Uses for Your Pet Bell Include:

  • Letting cats explore the house safely
  • Tracking a new puppy’s location
  • Monitoring elderly or blind pet’s movement
  • Deterring night time activity like counter surfing
  • Alerting you when your pet wants to go out
  • Avoiding accidental pet underfoot injuries

Simple Step-by-Step Instructions to Attach Bell:

  1. Use your fingers to unfasten the small latch on the bell’s loop.
  2. Unbuckle your pet’s collar and slide the open bell loop onto the collar’s ring.
  3. Re-buckle the collar while ensuring the bell hangs facing outward in the front.
  4. Close the bell’s loop latch securely. Check that the bell hangs closely to the collar without excessive swinging.
  5. For the ID tag, open the capsule and insert contact details written on paper.
  6. Snap the pendant onto the collar beside the bell.

Now your pet is ready to roam and play while staying safe! The kcrygogo copper collar bell provides a simple paw-some way to monitor your cat or small dog’s location. With regular use, the durable pure copper construction keeps your pet jingling away in style for years to come.

Buy the kcrygogo Pet Copper Bell Today to Let Your Little Friend Explore While Staying Close By!


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