KAPU PET Night Walking Retractable Dog Leash with Flashlight for Large and Medium Dogs – Safely Walk Your Dog at Night!


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Do you dread walking your dog at night? Does the darkness make it hard to keep an eye on your pet and avoid hazards? Our KAPU PET Night Walking Retractable Dog Leash solves this problem with its built-in LED flashlight! Now you can walk your dog anytime with total visibility and safety.

This premium retractable leash is specifically designed for medium and large breed dogs up to 110 lbs. The heavy-duty nylon tape extends up to 16ft, giving your dog freedom to explore while allowing you to maintain control. Meanwhile, the ergonomic anti-slip grip provides comfort and security.

Walk Safely in the Dark with the Built-In Flashlight

The game-changing LED flashlight is integrated into the leash handle, providing illumination in front of and behind you during after-dark walks. No more fumbling with separate flashlights or phone lights! The handy light automatically turns on when you extend the leash, so you and your dog are instantly visible.

The bright LED beam cuts through the dark, lighting your path to spot obstacles and keep your pet safe. No batteries required – the eco-friendly flashlight charges its built-in lithium battery from the motion of extending and retracting the leash.

Premium Quality from a Trusted Brand

Our heavy-duty retractable dog leashes are made by KAPU PET, a leading maker of innovative pet products. We use only the finest materials and strict quality control to ensure durability, reliability, and long-lasting performance.

The leash tape is constructed from high-density nylon that provides superior strength without weighing your dog down. It won’t crack or become brittle like cheaper vinyl leashes. The internal spring system smoothly extends and retracts, giving your dog freedom to explore 16ft in front of you.

The ergonomic anti-slip grip molds to your hand for comfort during walks and extra control if your dog lunges or pulls. The sturdy ABS plastic casing protects the retractable mechanism from dirt, dust and moisture.

Safely Walk Dogs up to 110lbs

The KAPU PET Night Walking Retractable Dog Leash is built for medium and large breed dogs. The heavy-duty leash tape and internal spring system provides reliable control for pets up to 110lbs.

Give big dogs the freedom to roam and sniff without tangling you up! The 16ft lead allows your pet to explore while letting you reel them back to a short 4ft leash with a click of the brake button. Extend and retract with ease – the smooth retraction system won’t jam or lock up.

We want your walks to be enjoyable for both you and your dog. Our leashes give your pet space to sniff and wander safely, without yanking your arm off!

Key Features:

  • Built-in LED flashlight for safe walking at night
  • 16ft heavy-duty nylon tape leash for large and medium dogs
  • Comfortable anti-slip grip with brake button
  • Smooth extend and retract mechanism
  • For dogs up to 110lbs
  • Locking system for fixed leash length
  • No batteries required – flashlight motion charges lithium battery
  • Durable ABS plastic casing

Customer Reviews

“This retractable leash is perfect for walking my dog at night. The flashlight is super bright and makes me feel so much safer when we go on late walks.” – Jamie R.

“I have a large husky who loves to run and explore, so a long retractable leash is ideal. The flashlight built into the KAPU PET leash gives us visibility and security during our nighttime adventures.” – Lucas S.

“The flashlight automatically turning on is genius! Now I can actually see where my dog is wandering at night instead of just guessing in the dark.” – Sarah B.

Order Your KAPU PET Night Walking Retractable Dog Leash Today!

Don’t let darkness deter you from giving your dog their needed exercise and play. Our retractable dog leash with flashlight lets you walk safely and comfortably at night. Experience total visibility and control during evening and pre-dawn walks.

We stand behind the quality and performance of our innovative leashes. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Simply click Add to Cart now to illuminate your night walks!


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