K9King Service Pet ID Tag – Federal Protection for Your Service Dog with Style


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Do you have a service dog that helps you with disabilities or medical conditions like PTSD, anxiety, seizures or diabetes? Then you know how challenging it can be bringing them in public places without the proper identification and paperwork. Well, look no further! The K9King Service Pet ID Tag is the perfect accessory for your service animal, allowing you to avoid awkward explanations and giving your pet some serious style points.

This premium metal dog tag is made with thick, high-quality materials that will last much longer than flimsy engraved plastic tags. The large 1.25 inch size and deep engraving ensures the text and graphics will remain crisp and clear, unlike many IDs that fade over time. And with engraving on both sides, this tag provides ample opportunity to display important service dog information for all to easily see.

One side features your service dog’s name, phone number and the words “Service Dog – Federal Law Protects My Access” boldly stamped in the center. The vibrant red medical alert symbol makes it obvious your dog is a working animal, not just a pet. The other side can be customized with your contact info, veterinarian details, or anything else you want readily available.

The K9King Service Pet ID Tag isn’t only functional, it’s fashionable too. The sleek style and unique design will make your dog look smart while also identifying their special status. Choose from 5 color options to match your pup’s vest, leash or collar. The tag conveniently attaches to nearly any dog accessory with a strong metal lobster clasp that’s built to last.

With this service dog tag, your trips around town just got easier. You can breeze into hotels, taxis, buses, restaurants, shops, hospitals and even flights knowing your service animal has proper ID stating their right to accompany you. The bold text and graphics leave no question that your dog is federally protected to be there.

If you’ve been stopped repeatedly to explain your medical condition or what tasks your PTSD, seizure alert or diabetes service dog performs, this tag helps minimize the drama. Just show your dog’s ID and be on your way, avoiding uncomfortable conversations with staff and nosy strangers.

The high-quality construction ensures this will be the last service dog tag you need to buy. The durable engraving won’t scratch off with normal wear and tear. And unlike cheap pet store tags, the strong metal and engraving process used for the K9King ID withstands years of use without fading or damage.

This tag isn’t only great for service dogs – make a matching ID for your emotional support animal too! Though ESA pets don’t have public access rights, their ID can still inform others of their important role providing you comfort and support for diagnosed mental disorders like depression, anxiety, PTSD and more.

With the K9King Service Pet ID Tag, you can equip your service or support animal with identification as professional as their training. This premium tag will make your life simpler while giving your special dog some added distinction. And it also makes a thoughtful gift idea for any service dog handler!


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