K9Cakery Magifrost – Delicious Dog Cake Frosting for Homemade Treats


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Add the perfect finishing touch to your homemade doggie cakes and treats with K9Cakery Magifrost! This smooth, decadent frosting glides on easily for professional decorating and dries fast for on-demand treats your furry friend will love.

Specially formulated for canine palates, our Magifrost is made with wholesome ingredients dogs adore. The deliciously creamy vanilla flavor will have your pup begging for more. Unlike human frostings, K9Cakery Magifrost contains no sugar, dairy or gluten – just yummy goodness pups crave.

This ready-to-use frosting makes decorating canine cakes and treats an absolute breeze. The smooth, velvety texture spreads easily without tearing. Simply slather it on homemade goodies or pipe pretty patterns for picture-perfect pet pastries.

K9Cakery Magifrost offers:

  • A deliciously creamy vanilla frosting flavor dogs love
  • Smooth, velvety texture that’s easy to spread or pipe
  • Fast 24 hour drying time for on-demand treats
  • Made with wholesome dog-friendly ingredients
  • No dairy, gluten, soy, corn or sugar
  • Safe if licked off fur or paws
  • Produced in a human-grade bakery facility

Dog parents love Magifrost because:

  • It transforms basic treats into gourmet pet pastries
  • The creamy texture is perfect for frosting dog cakes and cupcakes
  • It allows creative custom decorating for holidays and birthdays
  • Picky pups go crazy for the irresistible vanilla flavor
  • It’s super easy – just thaw, stir and spread
  • Makes an edible adhesive for stacked treats and shapes
  • Dries fast so treats can be served quickly

Use K9Cakery Magifrost to decorate:

  • Dog-friendly cakes, cupcakes and brownies
  • Homemade dog biscuits, cookies and baked treats
  • Frozen and chilled treats like pupcakes and frosty paws
  • Fresh fruit skewers or platters for special occasions
  • Meaty treats like jerky sticks and chicken strips
  • Kongs, chew bones, antlers for stuffing and freezing

Pet parents rave:

  • “This frosting makes it so easy to bake cute homemade treats for my pup! She absolutely devours anything I decorate with it.”
  • “I love being able to make adorable birthday cakes for my dogs with this frosting. It tastes great and holds up perfectly.”
  • “Such a game changer for sprucing up bland dog treats! Just a dollop of this frosting makes my picky eater go wild.”
  • “This frosting adheres stacked treats together nicely so I can make fun shapes and designs.”

Start crafting picture-perfect pet pastries with K9Cakery Magifrost Dog Frosting. Satisfaction guaranteed!


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