JUXZH Truelove Soft Front No-Pull Dog Harness with Handle and 2 Leash Attachments – Stylish, Reflective and Comfortable Harness for Your Pup


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Keep your furry friend safe and comfortable on walks with the JUXZH Truelove soft front dog harness! This stylish no-pull harness is designed with your dog’s needs in mind, featuring soft padding for comfort, reflective materials for visibility, and two secure leash attachment points to help deter pulling.

No-Pull Design with Dual Attachment Points

The JUXZH Truelove harness features both a chest ring and back V-ring for leash attachments. Connecting the leash to the chest ring turns the harness into a no-pull device, as it gently turns your dog back around when they try to pull. The back V-ring allows for more relaxed walks and additional control.

Reflective Materials for Visibility

Your dog’s safety is a top concern on nighttime or early morning walks. The JUXZH Truelove harness has reflective nylon webbing so you can clearly see your pup, while also making your dog visible to oncoming traffic. No more worrying about low light conditions when your dog is sporting this harness!

Adjustable Fit with Quick-Release Buckles

A proper fit is essential for comfort, safety and effectiveness when using a dog harness. The JUXZH Truelove has adjustable straps for a customized fit around your dog’s chest and neck. Quick-release buckles make it easy to get the perfect fit, then take the harness on and off as needed. Fits chests 27-32 inches.

Soft Padding for Comfort

Your dog’s comfort is key, and this harness delivers with its soft sponge padding around the chest and belly area. The inner mesh lining adds breathability while the outer Oxford material is scratch-resistant and durable. Your dog can enjoy walks for longer without chafing or discomfort.

Sturdy Handle for Control

A sturdy sewn-in handle on the back gives you extra control over an excitable dog. Help guide your eager pup up into the car or keep them close in crowded areas. No more yanking and pulling!

Lightweight Yet Durable

Even though the JUXZH Truelove provides padding and dual leash attachments, it remains lightweight for your dog’s comfort. The durable Oxford outer material and heavy-duty nylon webbing can hold up to pulling and daily use. It also prevents bites and scratches from reaching your dog’s skin.

Secure Your Dog’s Safety

A harness is a safer walking option over collars, reducing strain on your dog’s neck and potential injuries if they do pull. It disperses pressure across the chest and shoulders rather than the trachea. Give your dog the security they deserve on walks.

Easy to Put On and Take Off

The ergonomic design with quick-release buckles means you can get this harness on and off your dog in seconds! No more struggling with tricky straps or buckles. Simply unclip and slip it over your dog’s head. Customize the fit with the four adjustable points.

Match with JUXZH Leash

Pair your new JUXZH Truelove harness with a JUXZH leash for the complete set! Their leashes feature durable construction and soft padding for comfortable walks. Choose from several fun colors and designs to complement your dog’s new harness.

Sizing and Measurements:

Be sure to accurately measure your dog’s chest to achieve the perfect fit. Refer to the harness image showing proper measuring technique. This size Large fits chest circumferences 27-32 inches. Sizing available for small, medium, large and extra large dogs.

The JUXZH Truelove harness prioritizes your dog’s comfort, visibility and safety. Walks will be more enjoyable for both of you with this high quality no-pull harness. Order today to enjoy the durability and smart design that makes it a top choice for dog owners. Your loyal companion deserves the best!


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