Juvale 100-Pack Pet Grooming Cards for Cat and Dog Groomers


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Keep Your Furry Clients Organized and Their Coats Groomed to Perfection!

As a professional pet groomer, you know that properly caring for your furry clients requires keeping accurate records of their needs and preferences. That’s why we’ve created these handy pet grooming cards – they provide you with a dedicated space to log all the essential details to ensure every grooming session goes smoothly!

With 100 cards per pack, you’ll have plenty to last between reorders. The blank double-sided format allows you to easily record each pet’s information on the front and document the specifics of their grooming session on the back. No more flipping through disorganized papers or struggling to decipher messy handwriting – these cards keep everything neat, organized, and easy to reference at a glance.

The Premium Double-Sided Design Eliminates Clutter and Confusion

Tired of shuffling through piles of papers and old envelopes to find a pet’s grooming history? Our double-sided pet grooming cards eliminate that headache!

The front side features clearly labeled fields for easy input of all the key details:

Pet’s name
Medical issues

With ample space to write, you can include any other helpful notes too. No more squinting to read tiny cramped writing!

The back side includes segmented sections to log vital appointment information:

Groomer’s name
Service details

The structured layout prompts you to record all the pertinent appointment facts. No more forgetting what you did last time or losing track of costs!

Thick Durable Stock Prevents Bleed-Through and Smudging

You’ve likely experienced the hassle of pen ink bleeding through flimsy paper, making notes illegible on the other side. Or the aggravation of information smearing when moisture from grooming sprays and damp paws contacts the page.

You won’t have those problems with our pet grooming cards!

The premium thick stock prevents ink bleed-through, so information stays neat and tidy on both sides. The sturdy cards also withstand minor sprays or paw print smears during the grooming process to keep your recorded details clear and readable later.

Compact 8×5 Inch Size Fits Easily in Your Toolbox or Clipboard

Big bulky client cards can be a hassle to keep handy in the tight quarters of your grooming station or on the go for house call appointments.

Our pet grooming cards are designed for maximum portability and ease of use!

Measuring just 8 inches wide by 5 inches tall, each pet info card fits neatly into toolboxes, clipboards or the pet’s file without taking up too much space. The slim size also allows you to easily keep a few cards at your station for quick access.

Simple Intuitive Format for Efficient Record Keeping

No one enjoys wasting time struggling to fill out overly complicated forms! That’s why we designed our pet grooming cards to be intuitive and easy to use.

The clear category labels and ample writing space let you quickly record all the details in the moment. The formatted sections prompt you to document the key appointment facts – no guessing or trying to remember what to write down.

In just a few quick minutes, you can populate both sides of the card with the complete grooming profile and session specifics. The streamlined process saves you time and hassle while ensuring you have thorough records.

Reliable Reminders to Deliver Consistent Top-Notch Services

Ever have a regular client come in, but struggle to remember their preferences or what you did last time?

Don’t let spotty memories lead to improper grooming and upset pet parents!

Our pet grooming cards solve that problem by giving you an easy visual reference to check the pet’s profile, review your notes from last visit, and refresh yourself on what’s needed this time.

The detailed documentation helps you consistently deliver each pet’s desired style and properly address skin, nail, teeth, and other grooming needs visit after visit. Thorough records also aid communication with pet parents to address any issues or adjust services.

Quality Grooming Leads to Happy Furry Clients and Loyal Pet Parents

Conscientious grooming not only makes pets look great but also improves their health and comfort. But providing top-notch care requires keeping careful track of each pet’s needs, preferences and grooming history.

Get your grooming business organized and take your services to the next level with these pet grooming cards! The intuitive design equips you to easily record key details and provide each furry client with a positive grooming experience. When pets leave looking and feeling great, pet parents will be happy and eager to book their next appointent with you!

Don’t spend another day struggling with scattered paperwork and incomplete pet profiles. Get these handy 100-pack pet grooming cards to keep your clients’ information organized and readily accessible. Your furry patrons will thank you – and so will their owners!

Order today and enjoy smoother more efficient grooming sessions resulting in well cared for pets and satisfied repeat customers!


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